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Maxine Peake is an absolute diamond…

I retweeted Maxine Peake’s article because of her significant achievements and because the thrust of her argument is to stay in the Labour Party. It wasn’t intended to be an endorsement of all aspects of the article.

RT @GMtalentmatch: We love a youth friendly employer. @GpLgroup have been awarded a Talent Match Mark award to acknowledge the employment opportunities they provide for young people in their community. Thanks to @RLong_Bailey and @paul4citymayor for presenting duties!

RT @ashcowburn: NEW: Thousands are calling on government to amend ‘huge oversight’ in coronavirus job retention scheme, as workers face being laid off across UK…

RT @TWT_NOW: ⚡️TOMORROW 8PM!⚡️ Joined by: 📢@valery_alzaga, Activist & Trade Unionist 📢@SharAugust, Salford City Council 📢@RLong_Bailey, Labour leadership contender 📢Anthony Johnson, community nurse & @nurses_united 📢Tenants organisers & more💪 REGISTER:

RT @Autonomy_UK: The government, @RLong_Bailey and others have now endorsed the idea of a food/essentials service for the population in this #COVIDー19 period. We put our own sketch of what this might look like two days ago. @philjones7771 gives details:…

Coronavirus is one of the biggest crises we have faced. The threat to our health, the strain on the NHS, and the effects on our workplaces and our economy, all require immediate action now. Here are 12 points the Government must implement urgently:

For those struggling to sleep tonight or just geeking out on budget analysis and to get out more, here’s a choice collection of articles I liked today. Ask this: whose interests did today’s budget really serve? All outline the ground the left must occupy going forward. Enjoy 😉

With no indication that statutory sick pay will be increased, and no support offered to those on insecure contracts who do not currently qualify for it, the Government is also abandoning those who will be hardest hit by the coronavirus emergency. #Budget2020

RT @EveningStandard: RT @EveningStandard: "Unless we bring that diversity together, we’re never going to win a general election"