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Labour MP for the Rhondda

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RT @EconBizFin: RT @EconBizFin: Unemployment, “zero-hour” contracts and debt may have driven up suicide rates in Britain…

RT @EconBritain: RT @EconBritain: Summary verdict: confident Miliband bested wobbly Cameron, no-nonsense Burley bested curmudgeonly Paxman.

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @weyside7 :

RT @weyside7: RT @weyside7: @RhonddaBryant Vote labour for an nhs, free education for all, human rights and a thriving economy for all - unite unite unite

RT @gavinjohnadams: Many pop stars & actors died in 2016. So did #DrDonaldHenderson. He eradicated smallpox, which killed 500 million in the 20th century alone.

RT @CommonsProcCom: The views of the Clerk of the Journals, joint editor of the 25th edition of #erskinemay , on the right of the House to demand the attendance of its Members were set out in evidence to the Committee yesterday (from Q52):… @RhonddaBryant @Jacob_Rees_Mogg

RT @EatKnuckleFritz: #OTD in 1989...… The final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth "Goodbyeee" is broadcast. It has an acclaimed ending in which the main characters are assumed to die ....and the viewer is reminded of the horrors of war despite it being a comedy show. @pitchblacksteed #BBC #Comedy

RT @Tim_Roache: As the @GMB_union mover of the motion unanimously carried at Lab Party conf I am calling on the NEC to abide by party policy. Any final Brexit deal must be put to the people for them to decide whether or not it’s acceptable. A tradition that has always applied in our movement

RT @Tim_Roache: After nearly 3 yrs, glad PM finally picked up the phone. I was crystal clear about GMB’s position - her deal is a bad deal and flaky assurances on workers' rights won’t cut it

RT @Tim_Roache: RT @Tim_Roache: Very good news. Victory for common sense. #tubill…

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @alexhern :

RT @alexhern: The UK Parliament runs on precedent and convention, so based on precedent and convention, I think what happens if one MP tests positive is all the other MPs then crowd into the chamber at once, standing as close to each other as possible, to shout at the Chancellor for two hours