All deleted tweets from politicians

Chris Bryant

I'm not now an MP, as parliament has been dissolved for the General Election, in which I am Welsh Labour's candidate for the Rhondda.

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RT @alexnunns: The govt is "lying" about police numbers. Devastating from Peter Kirkham, fmr Senior Investigating Officer, the Met. https:/…

RT @timothy_stanley: I told you guys he won

RT @timothy_stanley: Labour argues that government is a) pursuing austerity for political reasons b) split over EU. IDS helps that narrative

RT @RobDotHutton: Tory MP outside the Commons chamber: "We're going to hell."

RT @adambecket: I'm not sure anyone apart from Conservative ministers think that talking about the "last Labour government" works. I couldn…

RT @adambecket: Is this the "meaningful vote" that Brexit ministers have repeatedly pledged? Deal or no deal?

RT @adambecket: Labour's Chris Bryant labels the Brexit deal vote a "fait accompli" – MPs either vote for *the* deal or no deal at all.

RT @adambecket: I'm not sure how the government is going to come back from Cara Delevigne coming out publicly anti-Trump's visit

RT @adambecket: This is peak 2017