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Labour Member of Parliament for the Rhondda.

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RT @AndrewBeatty: I traveled with the President yesterday. Personally, I would not claim to have seen Harvey's horror and devastation first hand.…

RT @AndrewBeatty: German news magazine @sternde features Trump. Text = "His fight" a play title of Hilter's book 'mein kampf'. V. strong stuff in Europe.

RT @DancingTheMind: RT @DancingTheMind: I work as a psychiatrist Theresa May. I can tell you right now, we are >6000** nurses SHORT in #mentalhealth in the N…

RT @DancingTheMind: High Court ruling states govt “blatantly discriminatory” against people with mental health conditions - govt forced to review 1.6 mill benefit claimants in forced U-turn on PIP payments.…

RT @DancingTheMind: As a doctor working in mental health, I can tell all those who like to suggest #IDanielBlake is “not realistic” as a way of coping with their cognitive dissonance, that this film is just one illustration of the harrowing stories & the lives affected by this govts cruel policies.

Chris Bryant (Labour) tweeted :

Climate change is one of the defining issues facing our generation

RT @EmmaKennedy: Reminder: they did not “ briefly consider not isolating” They sent out a minister to do all the media rounds to defend the policy. Lying lying liars who lie. The end.

RT @_frankroche: RT @_frankroche: @RhonddaBryant @arobertwebb @YvetteForLabour Not only that, he persuaded me to vote for her too

RT @KevinJRawlinson: RT @KevinJRawlinson: BBC funding deal will force sport off screen, says @RhonddaBryant

RT @ianpocock: RT @ianpocock: This might seem like minutiae but its an important piece by @RhonddaBryant…