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Former Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield

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RT @claireybee: RT @claireybee: @Mick32611891 @GarySambrook89 I miss @RichardBurden27 being my MP so much. I was so sad when he didn’t win the last electio…

RT @rohantalbot: If I was an actual victim of terrorism - the 7/7 bombings, or the London Bridge attack for example - I wager that comparing the decision not to sell ice cream to some people to terrorism would really piss me off. This is insulting histrionic rubbish from the JC.

RT @mehdirhasan: Pure & simple racism & anti-Palestinian bigotry from a former Labour MP & prominent Israel supporter in the UK. Gaza & Gazans reduced to ‘terrorists’. As @PeterBeinart wrote this week, anti-Palestinian bigotry is almost unremarkable & normalized in many pro-Israel circles.

RT @jessicaelgot: RT @jessicaelgot: Two thoughtful takes on Malia Bouattia's election from @ImaniAmrani… and @hannahweisfeld https://t…

Richard Burden (Labour) tweeted :

@UN Resolution 2334 calls on “all States to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.” However loudly politicians in Israel condemn them, @benandjerrys are in line with international law & the UN

Richard Burden (Labour) replied to @_LFI :

@_LFI @steve_mccabe @JewishChron Please read this piece that @NesrineMalik wrote in @guardian a few weeks back. @lfpme may not agree with her, but please do at least try to understand what she is getting at here…

RT @kimleadbeater: Excellent from my friend & colleague @Afzal4Gorton We have a moral duty to take a stand against the abuse of human rights wherever they occur

RT @BethRigby: Q: You talked about a moral duty to unite & level up the UK but you & your ministers have stoked division…Go further back there’s more evidence of this divisive language from you…For many, your own record undermines your image as a unifying PM. What are you going to do abt it?

Richard Burden (Labour) tweeted :

Thank you for your service, Philip, for your friendship and helpful engagement with the @PalestineAPPG throughout your time as Consul General, and for speaking out against breaches of human rights and international law in Palestine.

Richard Burden (Labour) tweeted :

Happy Birthday NHS! ◽ #NHSBirthday