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Labour MP for East Leeds. Leeds born and bred. Secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs🌹 E-mail for constituents:

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As usual with this Government, they think it's one rule for them and another for everyone else.

With Leeds City RMT Branch activists at the @RMTunion AGM in Leeds today. It was an honour to address the AGM today - 150 years after this fighting union’s forebear, the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, had its first AGM in Leeds a short distance from where we met today.

The World Transformed festival last month was fantastic. Hearing first-hand from the social justice campaigners fighting for a fairer society gave me hope for the future. Thank you @TWT_NOW. Support them here:…

We are at the most important moment in human history - with a small window to act to prevent climate catastrophe. Billions of lives will be affected if we don't start to treat climate change like the global emergency it is. My speech to parliament ahead of COP26.

We live in an upside-down world where those who pursue wars are decorated and celebrated. While those who expose war crimes face a lifetime in jail. Tomorrow I'll be joining speakers from across the world to put the War on Terror on trial. ▶️Register:…

There are now 1,803 fewer full-time GPs now than in 2015. That's the root cause of the crisis - the government should take responsibility instead of scapegoating GPs.

RT @RichardBurgon: £3.5 BILLION - that's the profit made by our privatised National Grid in the UK in just the last two years! It's just one example of our privatised energy system being used to line the pockets of shareholders. It's time to bring our whole energy system into public ownership.

Today's sentence must be just the start. Time after time women who suffer male violence are then let down by the police & justice system. The police & justice system needs urgent, widespread reform and the resources needed to put an end to violence against women. #SarahEverad

RT @labourassembly: Our Labour Party Fringe event takes place this evening 5.30pm, in the Grand Hotel Brighton. Spaces are limited so please let us know you're coming here ⬇️⬇️⬇️… WITH: @johnmcdonnellMP @RLong_Bailey @RichardBurgon @IanLaveryMP @BellRibeiroAddy & MORE!

RT @RichardBurgon: In his leadership campaign Keir Starmer pledged to back public ownership of rail, mail, energy and water. As Labour Leader, he should do so now.