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Rupa Huq MP

Ealing Central and Acton's Labour MP since 2015. Also at Best to email not tweet me

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RT @sam_griggs: Not sure I can contain my pride of @RupaHuq @SisterSupporter @EalingLabour and everyone who helped #EalingMakesHistory http…

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) replied to @RupaHuq :

There should not have to be any threshold if women being barred from accessing the basic human right of healthcare. Anti-choice folk need to protest legislators who can *do* something about situation not vulnerable women

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Never managed to catch a #politicslive show all the way through but was on this lunchtime on the disappointment that Sajid Javid's abortion protest review identifies the problem but comes up with NO solution

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

MPs from all parties including even Kenneth Clarke wrote to Sajid Javid wanting action to protect women using abortion clinics from intimidation. Disappointingly the review's conclusion does not commit to any change but bizzarely does not even contain the word "women" once!

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Disappointing Home Office Abortion clinic protests... talks of “distress” and “extremely difficult and personal process” faced but concludes no change to take place and that “women” entirely absent. Will keep pushing for women’s healthcare as human right…

RT @JForeman95: Just another Tory policy that people didn't vote for. Add it to the pile…

RT @ealingequality: At Westminster mingling with other Ealing community organisations. This is good for Ealing residents.…

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) replied to @Fayaz33 :

@Fayaz33 @JonBall Thanks, always happy to attend stuff if invited by email and possible / I represent 8 wards but just one and Parliament sits eves. I have since had briefing of issues that arose from @RuthCadbury and @CllrAnand since but first I heard of it was in night after 1st one had started

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

BBC News - Who is the Lib Dem leader Vince Cable? Q reflects final demise of SDP which promised to break the mould of 2 party politics and is cautionary tale for anyone plottingthird party now. Vince's original party Labour currently leads polls…

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Managed to get called ingenious by Theresa May at PMQs. Shame she didn’t give me a proper answer. If she can change her mind on Heathrow she can do it again and offer us all a #peoplesvote on the final deal #PMQs