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Ealing Central and Acton's Labour MP since 2015. Also at Best to email not tweet me

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RT @2018Time4Change: They're laughing at you, folks! The @Conservatives are actually laughing at you. Yes, you Honda factory worker, you. All of you who work hard and make up this country, create its wealth and put in the hours. They're laughing in your face. #PMQs

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) retweeted @GSMLondon :

RT @GSMLondon: RT @GSMLondon: It's official! Thanks to our crowdfunding success the Ealing Free Film Festival goes ahead this weekend!…

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Overhauling the planning system means Robert Jenrick in the news again... when #Westferry was debated in Parliament I point out that undue influence favours for donors = SLEAZE #ToryCorruption

RT @AnnaTomlinson: RT @AnnaTomlinson: Can’t think where they got the idea....

RT @AnnaTomlinson: Fantastic evening meeting the #Ealing Polish Community following the Civic Mass at The Polish Church of Our Lady, with @RupaHuq the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

RT @AnnaTomlinson: RT @AnnaTomlinson: I leave London for a few hours and Rudys on the laptop trolling the Tories #CatsForLabour…

RT @AnnaTomlinson: RT @AnnaTomlinson: EalingCentral &Acton Labour fundraiser with #EdMilliband @EalingLabour @RupaHuq

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Could’ve been the Middle East but actually was West Ealing. With Northfield Ave restauarants all full ventured to Broadway W13 for hearty meal at rammed with families @abuzaaduk as part of #EatOutToHelpOut Warmly recommended

RT @PeteNThomas: Many thanks to @RupaHuq , @joanryanEnfield and @FaisalRashid6 for supporting the 2019 Loan Charge EDM. Their constituents are lucky to have MPs who listen to them and balance that against the absolute nonsense the Treasury and HMRC are spouting.

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Was rumoured that the Tories were trying to ditch their man who waaa languishing behind in polls but they’ve been beaten to it. All points to a second term win for @SadiqKhan