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MP for Brentford & Isleworth (including Hounslow Osterley & Chiswick) Email Updates:

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Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweeted :

Agreed! And how does @joncstone think these 100,000s desk-based central London workers who've generally been working productively from home for the last 4 months, are expected to get between home & office safely each day? Govt should support struggling non desk-based sectors 1st

RT @huwbbc: ‘Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.’ Sadly, Churchill’s words apply to so much of our public life right now.

RT @PJTheEconomist: All that extra money announced by govt last week not quite what it seems.… The "Rooseveltian" additional £5.5bn of capital spending represents an increase of precisely zero this year on Budget plans. Is a reallocation from one set of projects to another

RT @PutneyFleur: Save South London’s Animal Hospital! Sign the petition to the @RSPCA_official to tell them to keep Putney Animal Hospital open - treating 7,500 animals a year. Keep frontline services open. #SavePutneyAnimalHospital Sign the petition:

RT @thom_brooks: RT @thom_brooks: This is what Brexit looks like. And it ain't pretty. Public thought they voted for "control", but getting recession. https…

RT @jamesalexmorris: Finsbury Park Mosque chairman @KozbarM: "This will not stop harmony here. And we encourage our community to come today and pray as normal"

Glad to cheer you up - sorry the haircut didn't though

Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweeted :

A bunch of the PM's very rich friends could get even richer in January, thanks to the votes of 17 million mainly not very rich people who stand to lose a lot #NoDealBrexit