All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @KenStringer: RT @KenStringer: @SharonHodgsonMP As they are claiming better preparation was made we have to be very concerned about their competence or t…

RT @HannahGBlythe: RT @HannahGBlythe: @samuelnicholls @SharonHodgsonMP @DRLT @TamaraCincik And thanks for putting up with me too! Best of luck for the future

RT @HannahGBlythe: RT @HannahGBlythe: Very excited to hear that @SharonHodgsonMP is the new Shadow Minister for Public Health #LabourReshuffle

RT @HannahGBlythe: RT @HannahGBlythe: .@SharonHodgsonMP: It should not be either 'traditional' subjects or the creative arts. It should be both #EBACCdebate W…

RT @HannahGBlythe: RT @HannahGBlythe: There was standing room only in this v important debate on #braintumour research yesterday.…

RT @huwbbc: I would always defend the right of my MP to vote according to her conscience even if I strongly disagreed with her. That’s what representative parliamentary democracy is all about. #brexitbill #BrexitDeal

RT @joeIjoeIjoel: Lisa Nandy (on female Jewish MPs) “I don’t care if they’re right wing or not, racism is racism” 👏 #TeamNandy #WeWinTogether #LabourLeadership