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RT @Cadrieu: @femaleMPs @SharonHodgsonMP Surely the speed of change will accelerate as more women are elected due to the high caliber work they do and the advances they engender. Unless of course we get more Thatcher's and May's who destroy those advances with their dogmatic style in leadership.

RT @Cadrieu: RT @Cadrieu: @SharonHodgsonMP You may come out more angry than upset that govt minister considers it fiction of worst cases compounded toge…

RT @OrkambN: @SharonHodgsonMP @GreatStrides65 @LabourHealth Same old crap regurgitated - what they fail to say is how much less our offer is per person compared to other countries.

RT @OrkambN: @SharonHodgsonMP @LabourHealth Sharon, or another MP willing - the question keeps getting batted off with the standard “the biggest offer by the NHS”. Can we rephrase - we know it may be the biggest offer by the NHS (I haven’t actually checked if this is true or not), but we have one of the largest

RT @OrkambN: @SharonHodgsonMP @LabourHealth CF populations so it will always be a large offer. The question is why our offer, per person, is so low compared to other countries, and why the government is willing to pay around 10 times more for Kalydeco than it is for Orkambi and the other pipeline drugs.

RT @AmyReneeHaines: @KamalaHarris I don't know why this hit me so hard, I'm sitting here crying my eyes out. Literally did not expect a thread with the recipe. Thank you so much for this little gift of humanity, Madam Vice President-elect❤️

RT @MrPaulDH: @SharonHodgsonMP @FirstLightTrust @CommunityUnion You are my MP Sharon as an ex @RoyalAirForce serviceman this makes me happy. 👍 good for you

RT @MrPaulDH: RT @MrPaulDH: Stop the disability cuts @SharonHodgsonMP

RT @MrPaulDH: RT @MrPaulDH: @Tomfurness2 @SharonHodgsonMP @UKLabour I feel the conservative manifesto is going to hurt the less well off. I think that's…

RT @DonnaIliffeP: @SharonHodgsonMP You are such a strong woman.and so inspirational. I think it should be called a Proof of Life Certificate 💕 Thank you for being a voice for all women who haven’t carried sufficient/full term x