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Re-elected as Bristol West MP on 10 June 2017. casework and policy enquiries from constituents to

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RT @wubwubldn: @rafatjah @AlfDubs @stellacreasy @YvetteCooperMP @guardian @ThangamMP @safepassageuk @HelpRefugees @refugeecouncil @KateGreenSU Is your argument that we should only accept refugees from France and Iceland and the US? We are an Island. Can’t leave it all to Greece and Italy.

RT @MomentumBristol: @judebrew @bristolgreen You are absolutely right. Everything changes, and in these turbulent times there is everything to play for. There is no room for complacency. As for the candidate, I fully expect that our excellent and very popular MP @ThangamMP will be reselected.

See my reflections from my event in August on structural racism, ‘Beyond Statues: How can we make Bristol more equal?'. Thank you to the panellists for the brilliant resources @magournet @pgmhart Sakiya Ghalib & Desmond Brown…

RT @MichaelDow16: An incredible opportunity for young people in South Bristol. @TheBottleYard is an incredible place and an absolute trailblazer. @karinsmyth @ThangamMP I'm sure this will be of interest to your followers!…

RT @BristolCouncil: A message to our Urdu speaking communities about the national lockdown and how we must work together to protect Bristol... Watch below

Community centres in Bristol West are so important to local people, and especially during COVID-19. Just before the lockdown, I visited @MalcolmXCentre and @StWerbsCC and I want to do all I can to support them.

@kirstyvale @DefendingB @susanbruce409 @AndrewMarr9 @nickpwatts He and his producers do run their show. The politicians are usually only two. They choose the scientists, the cultural guests, the vets today, the two US politicians today. Btw I've checked the tallies for last 10 shows and it's pretty even women and men from @UKLabour actually.

As @AndrewMarr9 seems to either not notice or not be bothered about this recurrent problem of having a token woman as one of the press reviewers, I'll help him out by tweeting the gender balance each week. You're welcome, Andrew.

@CarolineFlint @montie All these. But SC worth getting to S2 if you haven't, multi layered jokes and joy by S3. PS hello x