All deleted tweets from politicians

Welsh Labour Member of Parliament for Swansea East. Shadow Minister Woman & Equalities and Home Affairs. Standing to be first ever Deputy Leader of Welsh Party

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RT @DanParker46: Voted @carolynharris24 @carolyn4deputy - a great MP who typifies the Welsh passion & toughnesss which has always helped drive the Labour movement forward. She will be an ace Deputy Leader!

RT @depressionnote: if you have ever suffered from • depression • anxiety • an eating disorder • bipolar • ocd • ptsd • any other mental disorder can you please retweet to show others that they are not alone. you are not alone 💚

RT @oliverjwestwood: RT @oliverjwestwood: @LizMcInnesMP @carolynharris24 @TheSun OMG - They will be reporting that the Police are human next!

RT @Keir_Starmer: Brilliant visit to Jesus House today. They've set up a food bank for those in need during the pandemic. And, working with healthcare professionals, they have established a vaccination centre. Like churches across the country, they are serving their congregation and community.

RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: In two hours the UK economy has lost $350 BILLION. That’s equivalent to 40 years of EU contributions.

RT @martarossi56: @StephenMorganMP @solent_waspi @carolynharris24 @GwynneMP Of course we deserve justice, but we ain't going to get it. Words are easy, where's the action & so called hard work?

RT @JimmySpeath88: 86 people attended our first ever event in #Swansea. One of them was Deputy Labour Leader for Wales, @carolynharris24 (Photo 📷 credit @_RossWilliams79) @popUPbusiness @SwanseaCouncil @CoastalHousing @poblgroup @Hammersonplc

RT @WelshLabour: 💉 Just announced: One million people have now had their first dose of the vaccine, 192,030 of these people have had two doses. A huge thank you to all involved. #MovingWalesForward

RT @GamblingInsight: Remember @Betfair, @BetGameCouncil and @GamRegGB stating how they'd "reduced" those enrolled in VIP schemes? Did you know: 2018/19/20 >> 2021 VIP Managers = Relationship Managers VIP Programme = Managed Accounts Betfair VIP = Betfair Priority #safergambling