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Member of Scottish Parliament for South Scotland, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Connectivity and Transport, dad & Queen of the South fan

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@cathyjamieson @MauchlineRail @AlanBrownSNP Absolutely. I was able to briefly back the campaign in the most recent- sadly all too infrequent- Parliamentary debates on our railways . We need more investment on the line, including more stations. Happy to do all I can to support the campaign 👉🏻…

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

Great effort by @YOUTHWORKDG , volunteers & everyone who donated to the ‘Back to School One Stop Shop’ at Oasis Centre 👏🏻 Hundreds of uniforms handed out (&hair cuts!) This was the stock at beginning of the week so when I visited so PM youthwork if you need any items @dgcouncil

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

Thanks to the #Gretna @MarieCurieSCO Fundraising Group 🌼 for the invite to there coffee in Rigg today. The small group raise an enormous £10,000 a year. What a fantastic effort. So many families cared for and supported thanks to their efforts 🙏

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

Found this wee sole worse for wear in the garden this morning with a badly injured wing. Thank’s to @ScottishSPCA for rescuing. From exposing the scandal of puppy farms to rescuing the smallest birds, they do fantastic work. You can support them here 👉🏻

RT @PaulBrandITV: Gay people are responsible for mass shootings. That’s a new one.…

RT @PaulBrandITV: Other things we’ve been blamed for include: 1. Climate change (no, really) 2. Hurricane Harvey 3. An overstretched NHS 4…

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

So @theresa_may just said to @joswinson “I’m pleased also that we also have a member representing a Scottish Constituency who is the Leader of a UK party. It goes to show we are one UK & MPs from the four nations of our union sit in this House on the basis of equality” #PMQs 1/2

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

One very starstruck Mrs Smyth with @JackieKayPoet at @scotparl 20th anniversary celebrations. Our Scots Makar did us proud with her rendition of her quite wonderful poem ‘The Long View’ specially written for the occasion #ScotParl20

RT @JennyMarra: Was pleased to vote for 20mph in residential areas tonight in @ScotParl Shame only @scottishlabour and @scotgp supported it…

RT @ColinSmythMSP: Just managed to defeat the Government and amend the Transport Bill to lift the ban on councils being able to run bus ser…