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Grahame Morris

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Grahame Morris (Labour) tweeted :

Privatisation by stealth. Salami slicing our #NHS into bit sized chunks to make a tasty meal for private corporations 🚨🚑👩🏼‍⚕️…

RT @Southhettonpe: Yes! Gold School Games Mark @YourSchoolGames

RT @LisaNaomi: great article by @DJSkelton. Major crisis of representation for the working class in politics.

RT @tribunemagazine: Lisa Nandy: Let’s keep the profiteers out of our classrooms

RT @DurhamMiners: Donald Trump arrives in Britain the day before this year's #DurhamMinersGala. To coincide with protests across the countr…

Grahame Morris (Labour) tweeted :

Theresa May promised workers’ rights would be "protected and enhanced” after Brexit however senior Tory MP Christoper Chope is presenting a Bill in Parliament to scrap the Working Time Directive that amongst guarantees workers’ rest breaks and paid holidays. 🤥🤥👖🔥

Grahame Morris (Labour) tweeted :

Attending @PCS_union Parlilamentary Group Meeting, key issues include the Civil Service Pay Claim and a fully funded pay rise, HMRC Office closures, collocation with DWP, HMRC staff required for Brexit @LindaGHug @pcs_peterlee @PCSNorthern

RT @UKLabour: Happy #FathersDay! We think dads should get more time with their little ones – that’s why we’ll double paid paternity leave,…

RT @withorpe: The brexit dividend is a lie. Growth is now near zero so the only way to find extra funding for the NHS is through higher tax…

Grahame Morris (Labour) tweeted :

The magnificent @AngelaRayner speaking at NW Durham CLP fundraiser with @LauraPidcockMP Fantastic food, company and venue. Our working class communities are well represented 😃#GivesMeHope