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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland. Convener of Public Audit Committee. Campaigner for jobs and strong public services.

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RT @MbouhMbouh: Absolute nick of some of the replies to this. Grown adults still using ‘Liebour’ or ‘Liebore’ as some sharp satire in 2020. They walk among us. Congratulations Jenny. For the sake of my country, I hope your work goes very well.

RT @davieclegg: RT @davieclegg: Absolute joke

RT @caitlinmoran: There's just no combination of words in a statement that can get past the fact Prince Andrew continued to see Epstein after he was convicted, and went to jail for, raping and prostituting children. No, he didn't "suspect" him. He KNEW. IT WAS ON THE NEWS.…

RT @jonbradyphoto: RT @jonbradyphoto: NHS Tayside is discussing how it cuts £34.1 million from its budget for next year literally right now

RT @jonbradyphoto: New this morning: Dundee's Labour group unveils alternative budget plans ahead of tomorrow's meeting. Kevin Keenan says his plans will support investment in drug services and scrap cuts to school crossing patrols and bin collections:

RT @jonbradyphoto: Dundee City Council’s elected members are gathering for this year’s 2020/21 budget discussions - the SNP administration seeks to cut at least £5 million from the local budget.

RT @jonbradyphoto: What happened when activists from @XRDundee @_sycs_ and @FoEScot staged a die-in on the doorstep of Dundee City Council to protest inaction on the climate? Councillors and senior executives quite literally walked all over them. Watch the video here:

RT @craig_carol: RT @craig_carol: Important, well argued piece from @GerryHassan on 'the dark side of Scottish men'.

RT @JacobMCampbell: Many thanks to @JennyMarra MSP for the lovely Christmas Card. Same to yourself, and to your own. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Wondering in what sense there is a Labour Movement worthy of the name in Scotland. When did the STUC last organise a mass protest against the pro-poverty policies of the Scottish government? Mesmerised by soft nationalist rhetoric and letting millions down.