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Jess Phillips MP

New to the party but am now Welsh

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RT @johnjmoloney: @jessphillips as my mate said " Thatcher had kids - and look where she got us.."

RT @johnjmoloney: @jessphillips It's coming from Theresa May's office. She loves Sham 69 and the UK Subs.

RT @johnjmoloney: Edward and I are looking forward to our shows @TheGleeClub tonight and tomorrow. #Birmingham

RT @johnjmoloney: @jessphillips she invited Andrea thingy and Theresa right-wingy to her wedding. Brilliant moment. #Newsnight

RT @CCriadoPerez: ICYMI: my statement in response to @SadiqKhan's support for the statue in PS……

RT @CCriadoPerez: I find at this point it's helpful to provide some examples @gredmond76 @Manfeelings90 @jessphillips @stellacreasy https:…

RT @CCriadoPerez: AWESOME. Over 2k people joined @MoreUnitedUK within the first 5 minutes of launch - JOIN US!

RT @CCriadoPerez: Forget the @UKLabour leadership race: this is OUTRAGEOUS. #TeamDog @StylistMagazine

RT @CCriadoPerez: This isn't the time for too cool hot takes on us being prurient hysterical pearl clutchers. It's about sexual exploitatio…