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Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley

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Jess Phillips MP (Labour) tweeted :

Well Amanda Gordon just made the speech of this decade.

Jess Phillips MP (Labour) tweeted :

If you don't want to vote with us that is entirely your choice Ben, but the fact is that your worried how it looks if you do as your boss says. That's fine, just admit that you'd rather upset your constituents than your boss. Scrutiny is the gig bab, live with it.

RT @Ms_SThompson: RT @Ms_SThompson: Failing on so many levels. ◽

Jess Phillips MP (Labour) tweeted :

Just heard the terrible news that lovely brilliant Godfrey a member of staff in the Commons has died of Corona. He often brightened a difficult grey day, so gutted.

@annaturley Yep, gutting

RT @Ethelmonster: RT @Ethelmonster: PSA: Men who ask "Can I even talk to women now" are in fact, not allowed to talk to women.

RT @ComplexTom: RT @ComplexTom: @jessphillips I'm blaming the with for the misaligned tartan on my jim jams.

RT @ComplexTom: RT @ComplexTom: @jessphillips @britainelects And fictional characters. I'd be interested in Emperor Ming's thoughts on this.

RT @sarahglidden: Take a few minutes of your day to recognize the extraordinary work of Syrian White Helmets who risk their own lives to save others.…

Jess Phillips MP (Labour) tweeted :

I can see the argument of all those saying Trump should immediately be removed. I just worry it plays in to his grievance obsessed hands. Democracy should continue Biden will take his position that will hurt him.