All deleted tweets from politicians

Was Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley (until this snap election) hope to be again.

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RT @LukeOHolland: RT @LukeOHolland: Has anyone called @zoesqwilliams a Blairite yet?

RT @LukeOHolland: RT @LukeOHolland: Beneath the snarky tweets, what's left most nights is a horrid sadness. And an anger at the way friends & colleagues have…

RT @LukeOHolland: RT @LukeOHolland: Agree absolutely. So look forward to Jeremy sorting Jackie Walker's expulsion after this speech.…

RT @LukeOHolland: Odd Crick kept banging on about the house, while completely failing to ask why Nuttall's started dressing as the landlord from Heartbeat.

RT @legalella: RT @legalella: Prof Delahunty QC: Judge referring to victim (sexually) as 'no shrinking violent' compounded the errors she made. #RapeMyths

RT @Jack1890Evans: @jessphillips Hi Jess just a quick update on my SEND education survey. I have now reached 38 entries but I would love to reach over 50. The link…. I would love another retweet if possible. Thanks for your help already.

RT @Jack1890Evans: @jessphillips Hi Jess sorry to tweet again but my survey I am conducting on parents views of SEND policy and whether their child can cope with issues such as the environment is in single figures. The link…. I would love a retweet to raise responses.

RT @Jack1890Evans: @jessphillips Hi Jess Sorry to bother You but would you mind retweeting the link to the survey part of my research for young voters aged 18-25 to fill out. The link is Thanks for your time

RT @Jack1890Evans: RT @Jack1890Evans: @paulwaugh @RSylvesterTimes His Job though is to have good relations with the other foreign ministers in f the world