All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @francesbarber13: Emily Thornberry resorting to personal insults & Stalinist language ‘crush dissenters’ is the thin end of the wedge. She is my MP & Shadow FS. Is this what @UKLabour wish to present to the watching world?

RT @francesbarber13: As the next few weeks are going to be horrendous as SWP loses its grip on @UKLabour , I’m determined only to tweet good things about the brave brilliant @TheIndGroup . And hope many more join them. Fresh start.

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: I also throw my support behind @gavinesler . Remain Remain Remain. @TheIndGroup .

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: There we go. Politburo Politics In @UKLabour. Hiding in plain sight.…

RT @francesbarber13: The biggest reason the Corbynites are attacking @jessphillips is that they know she’s more popular than anyone else in the party. So rather than celebrate that they seek to destroy. History Repeats.

RT @francesbarber13: It’s easy to scoff at @ForChange_Now , but they sacrificed their careers because they put the country first. For that I am impressed & grateful & I wish them all the best.

Joan Ryan (Labour) retweeted @_LFI :

RT @_LFI: LFI chair @steve_mccabe has written for the @JewishChron opposing any annexation in the West Bank and setting out five tests for a measured and effective response from the UK. Article and thread below 👇👇👇…

Joan Ryan (Labour) retweeted @OliverMilne :

RT @OliverMilne: The government has published a rebuttal to the Sunday Times piece, both are worth your time and your judgement, but given some of the absolutely vile stuff I’ve seen tweeted today about us sending PPE to China I think it’s worth highlighting this bit.

RT @SpenceLivermore: We’ve reached a point in the Brexit madness where doing huge damage to your country is described as a “patriotic”. That is so warped it’s almost Orwellian.

Joan Ryan (Labour) retweeted @gavinshuker :

RT @gavinshuker: RT @gavinshuker: Guys, we might need to bring in the backup team for a few days.