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Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington and Shadow Chancellor. Join the Labour Party here:

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Javed landed damning attack on Cummings dominance of Johnson administration but also an unashamed leadership bid to lead group of Thatcherite backbenchers with Manifesto to resist tax rises & borrowing for day to day expenditure. Predict rough waters ahead for Sunak and Johnson.

Join us in the Wilson Room in Parliament next Thursday 27 Feb at 6pm for an event on the inspiring Lucas Plan, and building a participatory economy. I will be speaking with Hilary Wainwright, Steve Sprung, and Tony Simpson. Register here:…

RT @RichardBurgon: I'm the only Deputy Leader candidate who backs Open Selection. I'm the only candidate that backs a new Clause IV to defend public ownership. I'm the only candidate with a proposal to stop us repeating the errors of the Iraq War. My closing speech from the London hustings.

RT @yemenkurdistan: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has challenged new Chancellor Rishi Sunak to answer some questions about his past business dealings. - 14/02/20 || Labour UK via @uklabour

RT @RLong_Bailey: RT @RLong_Bailey: This is our path to power. Let's take it together. #PathToPower

@paulwaugh confirming on BBC’s “World at One” that the resignation of Sajid Javed was a cock up by Johnson resulting yet again from his failure to be able to deal with detail. A PM needs the ability & skill to manage both cabinet & advisers. Johnson proves to be incapable of both

Hosting next seminar for Labour members in my “Labour: Socialist Future” series. This week we are discussing “How do we democratise our society?” It’s at 6.30pm on Wednesday in Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, SW1.

Both Rebecca Long-Bailey and Any McDonald, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, have made it clear that Heathrow expansion is incompatible with tackling climate…

RT @gingerandloud: RT @gingerandloud: "I would swim through vomit to vote against this...and I think I might have to". @JohnMcDonnellMP. Rockstar.…