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To stave off the threatened recession and give people the security they need, the Government must be radical and act big. Guaranteeing people an income they can live on and a job with decent pay will see us through this coming recession.…

After visiting Assange in prison I became even surer that this is an innocent man, a political prisoner, whose life is being taken from him day by day as a result of the acquiescence of the government to American dictat.All who believe in justice have a duty to demand his release

RT @liamyoung: Twitter doesn't allow space to develop arguments. I've signed up to Patreon so that I can write more than 280 characters. You might have noticed that 'mainstream' outlets have largely stopped publishing left-wing voices. Support one here and sign up:

Trump clicks his fingers & Sunak jumps. This shows the power of the Tech corporations & the obsequious subservience of the Johnson administration to Trump. Cutting the taxes on the corporations that are profiting during Covid loads debt on everyone else.…

@LabourKeriHowe @SocialHermitCal @RishiSunak Thanks. That’s a picture of our family holiday hut on the Broads. It’s not a second home. You can’t live in them.

Looks like the Governmebt is in panic mode yet again and rumour has it that evictions ban is to be extended to late September. Nowhere near enough.

The evidence is mounting on the need for the extension of the evictions ban that the government must acknowledge the need to act. Join us tomorrow night for the ⁦@ClaimFuture⁩ discussion on the evictions threat and the need for a new housing policy.…

Exam question: Read in sequence this thread from @JolyonMaugham, today’s reports of @RobertJenrick handing over planning controls to developers & then the article on the shelling out of millions before election to Tory marginals. Discuss: standards in public life under Johnson

I send my sympathy and condolences to John Hulme’s family and friends. We are all grateful for the role he played in securing peace. For his courage and determination in the pursuit of peace he will rightfully go down in history.

Just listened to BBC Today discussion of galleries opening. I thought we’dlearnt lesson of pandemic to respect role of cleaners & security. There was no mention of the appalling treatment of the Tate workers. Art is about humanity. How about showing some humanity to @Tate_United