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Born and bred in the Great County of Yorkshire. Former Leader of Leeds City Council. Proud Labour MP For Hemsworth constituency. There is a better way.

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RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: **POLL** Which of the Tories cruel policies will hit your family the hardest?

RT @jon_trickett: Chumocracy: • 70% of Boris Johnson’s ‘new’ cabinet was privately educated, including the Education Secretary. • 50% went to Oxbridge. This is how elitism works!!

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: **POLL** Which of the Tories cruel policies will hit your family the hardest?

RT @jon_trickett: 91.7% of nurses have just voted to reject the government’s pay offer of a below inflation rise. They have my 100% support. Give NHS workers the 15% pay rise they deserve.

RT @EmzTheSocialist: The Llanelli Warriors is a rugby team like any other rugby team except half their squad are registered disabled. They are looking for help to by a portable defibrillator. If you are in a position to, please donate below. Otherwise please can you share to reach those that can ✊❤️

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: Tomorrow I will vote against the £1,040 cut in Universal Credit. The £20 uplift should be made permanent & extended to l…

RT @jon_trickett: Today we learn inflation has climbed to 3.2%. • There goes any pretence that the Tories raised NHS pay. • NHS staff need a 15% pay rise to make up for a decade of pay restraint & soaring prices & taxes.

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: We have government by burner phone in this country.

Jon Trickett MP (Labour) tweeted :

This from @LeyendaRob

RT @jon_trickett: In the space of 6 months NHS staff have been clobbered with: • A tax rise in the budget (PTA) • Return of £400 car parking charges • A measly 1% pay rise after inflation • A further tax hike on their wages (NICs) Remember, 1,543 health workers died during the pandemic.