All deleted tweets from politicians

And they'll raise their hands, saying "We'll meet all your demands" But we'll shout from the bow, "Your days are numbered" Labour MP

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Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

Offshoring 250 Rolls Royce jobs is an act of national self harm. Today, I put it to the Prime Minister that he is condemning a skilled engineering workforce to oblivion if he doesn’t step in & halt this folly.

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

My speech in the House of Commons today: This is a Tory Made Poverty Pandemic • Cuts • Hunger • Poverty • Austerity Have combined with coronavirus to double the mortality rate among the poorest compared to the richest.

RT @jon_trickett: From building sites to Number 10 Downing Street. An anecdote from me on how the global crash was a missed moment to rewrite the economic rules

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

Tories talk about levelling up while simultaneously driving our communities into the ground Tories have axed • 763 Community Centres • There are 1,000 fewer Sure Starts • College funding per student cut 12% I demand they give us back the money they cut from our communities

@LarrySchweikart The ballots haven’t closed yet have they

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

The Tory alphabet: Letter K is for: Kicking down Kidding up Here is the K curve to prove it  (Acknowlege For the image - which I adapted)

@SunPolitics Ironic, since it’s the Tories and London Establishment who damaged the North. First Thatcher wilfully destroying our industries, then decades of neglect, followed by austerity which fell hardest upon us. Only we can do this by common endeavour. #theNorthMustRuseAgain

@AaronBastani That really is brilliant

RT @DanielFooksArt: Why are the Left so timid? Why did @ianlavery, @jon_trickett and @LenMcCluskey not publically call out Starmer's manoeuvres during the last few years They knew what he was up to but just sat in the corner muttering into their beers!! They should have fought him ferociously !