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Jon Trickett

Yorkshire born & bred. Labour MP. Shadow Cabinet Minister. NEC member. Pls email if you require a reply.

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Jon Trickett (Labour) retweeted @rohankon :

RT @rohankon: "Say: Organise!" ✊📸 Great day training @jon_trickett and his team in community organising today. We're ready to build power…

Jon Trickett (Labour) replied to @bbclaurak :

@bbclaurak This is accurate. Let’s see if any Tories follow on. Remainers splintering to form pro EU party

RT @jackdoestweet: @jon_trickett's on the money – new times = new style of party and Labour leader:… #Labourleadershi…

RT @bbclaurak: 2. And this lot - fantastic pic from ⁦@PoliticalPics⁩ as ever - what would you call this album cover style snap?! https://t.…

RT @JoPlattMP: Brexit Secretary scarily unprepared on #Marr- he didn’t even know that the NAO has warned 11/12 critical IT systems needed a…

@GuidoFawkes What Guido does not know is that I am fighting like hell behind-the-scenes

Jon Trickett (Labour) replied to @ToryFibs :

@ToryFibs Exactly. Spot on, comrade. I have been using similar figures in shad cab for 18 months. Some of them are simply not listening

@LordAshcroft Yes It’s all turning into a nightmare

RT @MartinBelam: It turns out that none of the party leaders looked good in the 90s #GE2015