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Jon Trickett

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Jon Trickett (Labour) retweeted @mattm_49 :

RT @mattm_49: Fun campaign launch with @jon_trickett today. Thanks for visiting Carlisle it was good to meet you

RT @FranceInsoumise: La France insoumise appelle celles et ceux qui le peuvent à se rassembler à 11h30 au 43 rue de Dunkerque pour proteste…

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

Our democracy is broken. The Labour Party must confront this head on and transform politics root and branch. My piece setting out Labour's democratic ambitions.…

@stuartbruce Thats really nice

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

Labour's vision for changing this country is sweeping and bold, but we know it must also be credible and detailed. Here I talk with @EmmaBurnell_ about Labour's preparation for government, which I am leading.…

@MoodySlayerUK Oh dear oh dear

Jon Trickett (Labour) retweeted @23Maisey :

RT @23Maisey: Under the banner of unity, the people's @jon_trickett points the way to victory:…

RT @imthenicenurse: @jon_trickett @marthasydenham we need to remember that we are in Opposition, not imitation Tories

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

The Gov. is using public money to give large payouts to MPs sacked for breaching the Ministerial Code. Only in Westminster would being so bad at your job pay so well. And only the Tories are this detached from the reality of people's lives in the UK today.…