All deleted tweets from politicians

“we made a promise we swore we’d always remember” Yorkshire born & bred. Labour MP. Shadow Cabinet Minister. NEC member. Pls email if you require a reply.

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Jon Trickett (Labour) retweeted @rbanksy :

RT @rbanksy: Devastated. Our motorhome has been stolen. We bought it 3wks ago and hadn't even driven it yet. We were due to take our daught…

@paulmasonnews @AOC @RashidaTlaib I like Paul but he’s lost the plot on this matter. We are rupturing votes in the North because people think that we have adopted PV in order to become Remain party.

Jon Trickett (Labour) retweeted @danhind :

RT @danhind: It has been said that a democratic socialist is a social democrat who won't take money from the CIA. Whether that's true or no…

RT @IanLaveryMP: It’s just gone 4am, the rain is pouring down and has been for some time. Not much sleep, not much cover, it’s very lonely…

All of this only from the past week and a half. Imagine the damage they could do if we give them three more years. It’s a government which isn’t governing. A PM who is living on borrowed time Ministers who run rather than lead. Politicians without a spark of life. #zombies

Ministers have been dragged to the Commons to answer urgent questions on the treatment of disabled people, the Eurotunnel ferry fiasco and the destructive effects of privatisation on probation

They announced a package of measures for workers which has already been rejected by Trade Unions. Another skilful demonstration of our PM's negotiating (in)capacity.

They offered a pathetic bribe to areas in the North and Midlands in the hope of ‘buying’ Labour MPs votes for their botched Brexit deal.

The Transport Secretary is the subject of international ridicule, after the New York Times published an editorial titled “How does he survive?” - the Government sent the Foreign Sec to the Commons to answer Transport questions instead

The Prime Minister is trying to convince us that the reduction of police by 20000 officers has had no impact on knife crime - directly contradicted by the Met Police Chief (I know who I trust).