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RT @FuarachBlas: RT @FuarachBlas: @kdugdalemsp It's came at an extremely opportune moment for you.

RT @BootstrapCook: RT @BootstrapCook: The Price Of Potatoes And The Value Of Compassion.…

RT @JohnSmithCentre: Our Centre Director @kezdugdale will be on @BBCScotland ‘s Call Kaye programme from around 1045 today discussing our Trilogy on Trust reports and in particular, The Gender Gap…

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RT @NaomiMc: RT @NaomiMc: A few jobs going in charity/non-Governmental sector in Scotland, mini thread:

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Number of likes for a tweet about trust in politicians - 46 Number of likes for a tweet about my greenhouse catalogue - 986 Twitter you’re not what you seem 😉

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David Olusoga’s Mctaggart lecture at the Edinburgh TV festival this week is essential reading for anyone passionate about equality. Full text here but here @JohnSmithCentre we’ve have pulled out some key arguments…

RT @LeeannDempster: RT @LeeannDempster: The start of a season long campaign from @HibsOfficial to support @NHSOrganDonor @scotgov @ScoGovMarketing https://t.c…

RT @MrDMNicholson: Delighted to have attended this event even though I couldn't stay for it all. Fascinating to hear about @PreetKGillMP and her experiences of being involved in politics. Well done to @kezdugdale and the @JohnSmithCentre for putting on this webinar.

RT @MattGarrahan: RT @MattGarrahan: Labour: the party of Putney and Canterbury Conservatives: the party of Darlington and Bishop Auckland