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Clive Lewis

Labour MP for Norwich South. Shadow Treasury Minister for Sustainable Economics.Casework enquiries contact Tweets sometimes from staff

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RT @kaoticoddchild: @labourlewis I remember when Chomsky stumped Marr with similar:

Clive Lewis (Labour) tweeted :

Yo, yo, Lord Finks - the state of this! 1. Tom isn’t my keeper. Come speak to me. 2. As hard as it is for you to comprehend some of us on this ‘ere sceptred isle aren’t happy at the fact the default setting of our class-ridden media system,

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@0151Sam64 Auto correct mare

Damn autocorrect: Birt not Brit

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RT @BBCFOUR: The emotional final scene of Blackadder Goes Forth still gets us every time…

RT @cctv_idiots: This is amazing 😉

Clive Lewis (Labour) tweeted :

At at a tense meeting of the shadow cabinet, the PM, seeking analysis and meaningful insight was told be Liz Truss, the chief secretary to the Treasury, they were,“caught between the devil and the deep blue sea”>Sometimes Liz, silence is golden...…

@LynnNicholls1 I’ll do you

RT @MattTurner4L: This is potentially the most Lib Dem thing I have ever seen

RT @Shambles151: @labourlewis "Pulling out doesn't work."