All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Norwich South: “The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently” David Graeber

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RT @juliman66: My ❤️ sank when I read this. The justification given for ⬆️earners in LP not taking pay cut when lower paid staff losing their jobs is exactly the same given by CEO's to maintain huge pay differentials. @siennamarla @LabourList @GMB_union @unitetheunion…

RT @MsWhippet1: RT @MsWhippet1: @thetimes it is probably time that you shed your #employee #gilescoren. He has no honour. Rip my beautiful daughter #DawnFo…

RT @mrjamesob: BBC political editor stays silent as the Corporation itself & decent, honest journalists come under constant fire from Vote Leave liars. But she got the big interview with Cummings & spent it pretending to be surprised about what he said. It's pathetic, @bbclaurak & you know it.

RT @MarkPerryman: The windows of @LewesLabour have been subject to a 'Generation Z takeover' question is should heads roll for surrendering to youth or backs slapped for courageous inspiration? @isaac_kh @paulmasonnews @paulhilder @LabourTogether @RenewalJournal @LabTransformed @TWT_NOW

RT @johnmcdonnellMP: Standard Blairite fare to try show how strong a leader you are by taking on your own party but bizarre to do it by expelling people, most of whom have left already. Looks desperate when what is needed is restoration of whip to Jeremy Corbyn, publication of Ford & taking on Tories

RT @Aden_Harris_: Thanks for making the time to speak to me today @CarolineLucas, @labourlewis and @RLong_Bailey even if there were some tech issues! Good to know there are MPs who are supporting and taking radical action against the CEE.

RT @ManonAubryFr: Pour répondre à la crise climatique & à la crise des inégalités, nous lançons l'Alliance internationale pour un Green New Deal @GGNDAlliance aux côtés d'élus du monde entier. Rdv pour l’événement de lancement, le 19/07 à 20h 👉

RT @labourlewis: Net-zero 2050: A policy designed by politicians who’ll be in the carbon cycle themselves long before they can be held to account for such complete failure.

RT @WEAll_Alliance: We don’t have to wait for #COP26, climate action must happen now. Excited for the @GGNDAlliance, launching 19th July at 6pm UST with co-founders @IlhanMN @CarolineLucas @labourlewis @ManonAubryFr @JoeniaWapichana @paolavegar Sign up and share 👉