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MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill

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RT @liambyrnemp: RT @liambyrnemp: Thanks so much everyone! Flying start this weekend to our campaign for Mayor from the whole @WMLabour family!…

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @Salma15139 :

RT @Salma15139: RT @Salma15139: @LiamByrneMP @ITVCentral Great news! ✊◽

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @Salma15139 :

RT @Salma15139: @bswaid @AldiUK @nickyebrennan @LiamByrneMP @ShabranaH @david_s_barker Sparkbrook shoppers were very generous and thoughtful ❤️✊🏼So pleased we could help you and the families you support 💐

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @Salma15139 :

RT @Salma15139: #husaynsummit2019 Good to hear from @LiamByrneMP on local issues - homelessness, living wage, graceful bonds and humanity - Brummies are the best!

RT @liambyrnemp: It's time to rebuild our movement from the grassroots up! And that starts by turning the #WMids red. With the best of our ideals. The proudest of our traditions. And a plan we can deliver. Radical. Credible. Popular. #LetsStartNow With us? Let us know!

RT @JamesSi59679251: RT @JamesSi59679251: @LiamByrneMP It's so positive to hear somebody addressing the real issues that affect the lives of so many people, Liam

RT @tarajaneoreilly: Exciting morning at the UK-China Young Leaders Roundtable with @GwynneMP, @DanCardenMP, @PaulJSweeney, @BimAfolami, @LiamByrneMP, @AlanMakMP & our Chinese counterparts. Thanks to the Great Britain-China Centre & Prudential 👏

RT @tarajaneoreilly: How do we put ‘purpose for the common good’ into capitalism? Will AI help or hinder bringing about economic justice? Sign up for @TribuneMPs events at Conference with @williamnhutton, @J_Bloodworth, @YvetteCooperMP, @faizashaheen, @eddieizzard & more: