All deleted tweets from politicians

Shadow Mayor for the West Midlands // Labour MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill

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RT @liambyrnemp: To @Keir_Starmer @anneliesedodds and everyone who's joined the @WMLabour out & about in football clubs & factories, markets and doorsteps across the #WMids this last week: THANK YOU! @uklabour #TheCommunityParty

RT @liambyrnemp: We're criss-crossing the region listening to residents about the plan we need to get back on our feet. Here's the view from Bloxwich 👇👇👇

RT @HomelessStreet: Whilst we busy ourselves organising Christmas, our homeless friends prepare to wake up on Christmas Day in a tent or hostel, or on the street. If you see someone in need, please spare them 5 minutes of your time, a “how you doing” conversation really makes a difference to the day

RT @nickyebrennan: Good to see @liambyrnemp calling this out Cannot believe elected representatives think it’s okay to police how many children people have. People’s circumstances can change. This sneery attitude helps no one…

RT @nickyebrennan: 73% of women who apply for refuge don’t get a place. Homelessness isn’t just street homeless and rough sleeping. DV need for women and men is completely different. 3 men a week don’t die as a result.

RT @nickyebrennan: Well done @liambyrnemp 🌹 Looking forward to starting the campaign and taking on Street and his poor record for the West Midlands, especially in areas like Sparkhill which remain completely and utterly ignored.

RT @nickyebrennan: If you went to Sparkhill and asked residents who the mayor was they wouldn’t know because he isn’t concerned with inner city areas like that. When I called him out on this he sent a lovely PR statement telling me how much he cared about the West Midlands. #deedsnotwords

RT @nickyebrennan: Big love to St Paul’s Girl school for having me, @CerysWay and @david_s_barker to talk your politics students today Fantastic questions debate and discussion about all things politics with amazing young women!

RT @nickyebrennan: Great to be out in Sparkhill with the crew campaigning for @liambyrnemp for Metro Mayor. No one can tell us anything @andy4wm has done to benefit Sparkhill #VoteLabour 🌹🌹🌹