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Advisor on climate, sustainable development,green finance. MP 2005-19. Feminist. Cyclist. Activist. Speaker.

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RT @SensyneHealth: We are delighted to announce the launch of #CVmHealth. The free app to help you monitor the health of your loved ones during the #COVID19 pandemic - safely from home. #remotemonitoring #SensyneHealth #DigitalHealth #StayHomeStaySafe #goodneighbourapp

RT @sturdyAlex: THIS RIGHT HERE is what I'm talking about. A Health Sec opening a new facility for 1000s battling for their lives and NOBODY behind him observing social distancing rules. Even if they're all tested health workers (they're not), the image is SO CASUAL and the message so confused.

Plea from frontline NHS staff dealing with coronavirus- give us data to save lives We have the data to save lives — but we need action…

Italian mayors 2 “ why are you secretly getting in mobile hairdressers and beauticians. You will die with your nails done and nicely depilated. But you will die all the same.” Straight talking honest politics.

RT @MaryCreaghMP: 2 weeks ago Italy had 233 coronavirus deaths. Today UK had 233 coronavirus deaths. Today in Italy almost 800 died. We are 2 weeks away from an Italian style catastrophe. #CoronaCrisis #StayHomeSaveLives #StayHomeStaySafe

Mary Creagh XMP (Labour) tweeted :

“There are 1247 intensive care beds in Lombardy with COVID-19 patients. Out of 1450 intensive care beds.” #StayHomeSaveLives

Mary Creagh (Labour) retweeted @Labour4NE :

RT @Labour4NE: Our beautiful #NorthEast is a region with so much potential, but hit by years of austerity cuts. Thankfully #EUfunding is given on basis of economic need & not political whim - a vital contribution to our regional economy! #ERDF

Mary Creagh (Labour) retweeted @alstewitn :

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: @MaryCreaghMP Her constituents thought so, too....

RT @gavinshuker: RT @gavinshuker: Only 6 days until MPs vote to #backtheban on wild animals in circuses. Add your support now #circusban

RT @gavinshuker: RT @gavinshuker: Anne McIntosh right at #PMQs. Govt should stop Defra's dithering and publish the water bill.