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RT @DanielBoffey: Those who want reassurance that the EU won't be allowed to mendaciously trap the UK in the backstop should be reassured. Those who want to be reassured that the UK won't stay in the backstop indefinitely simply because nothing else turns up to replace it, probably shouldn't be.

RT @MyraButterworth: Do you live in a building with unsafe cladding and are you paying out substantial sums on a waking watch? Please get in contact if you would like to be a case study @ukcag

The new ‘walk-through’ local coronavirus test centre at De Vere Devonport House (Car Park) in Greenwich is now up and running. Residents will need to book an appointment (please do not visit without one) and can do so by calling 119 or via…

RT @Ed_Miliband: The funding in the Government's long-awaited 10-point plan doesn't remotely meet the scale of what's needed to tackle the unemployment emergency and climate emergency we are facing, and pales in comparison to the tens of billions committed by France and Germany. (1/3)

RT @HuffPostUKPol: RT @HuffPostUKPol: Anne-Marie Trevelyan also fought against wind farm developments in her rural constituency in northern England. https://t…

RT @Bill_Esterson: The government refuses to support British bike manufacturers. These tariffs are in place to prevent undercutting of our industries by cheap, poor quality imports. Is this a taste of what’s to come for the rest of UK manufacturing?

@therealhostman I didn't claim that, as you put it, "all the efforts so far are rhetoric". The fact I was pointing out was that for all the rhetoric, the UK is not on track to meet out legally-binding targets.

RT @AkshatRathi: RT @AkshatRathi: Greenwashing is rife. With so many entities—governments, companies, banks—setting climate goals, it's only going to get wo…