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RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: Banning abortion never actually bans abortions. It just bans safe abortions. And everybody knows it.

RT @peterwalker99: RT @peterwalker99: Interesting and pertinent A50 input from Ed Miliband, who stresses unity can't just be conjured up - must be earned. htt…

The Conservatives first promised to do this three years ago. They promised 'Renters' Reforms' in the 2021 Queen's Speech, yet failed to deliver. Struggling renters need emergency legislation to protect them not further consultation.

RT @BBCNews: RT @BBCNews: Renting: No-fault evictions to be banned in England

RT @peterwalker99: RT @peterwalker99: Labour turning up the pressure again over the release of the Brexit economic impact assessments.…

RT @peterwalker99: Among the striking things listening to Richard Ratcliffe field tricky questions on R4 is that he's a much more skilled diplomat than Boris Johnson.

RT @peterwalker99: Small print of universal credit changes in budget being explained to Commons by David Gauke: • end of 7-day waiting period won't happen till February • 2-week extension of housing benefit to reduce rent arrears won't happen till April.

RT @peterwalker99: This is shameless stuff from Johnson. He answers question by targeting Sadiq Khan, and praises his cable car across the Thames as a great success of private investment. Cue laughter from committee and audience.

RT @peterwalker99: This shocking article - another in the @ameliagentleman production line – makes it very obvious: the Windrush scandal is not an aberration, it's the logical consequence of how the Home Office is designed to treat people.…

RT @peterwalker99: President Erdogan in full unsmiling despot mode at Downing Street press conference when asked about large number of arrested journalists in Turkey, saying they are "terrorists", and advising the questioner to get his facts right and be a better journalist.