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Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich | Shadow Minister for Climate Change | Arthur and Edith’s Dad | Email:

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72 years ago, rebuilding from the devastation of WWII, Labour’s Nye Bevan created our NHS. On the NHS’s 72nd birthday, we say thank you to all the NHS heroes who make our NHS the achievement it is.🌈 Sign the thank you card from the country. #ThankYouNHS

RT @RosiePinsent: Hi everyone! I'm helping run a #vintage stall for #charity at @greenwichmarket tomorrow, in aid of @streetsouls who help London's #Homeless, please come along 9-5pm :D we have lots of lovely dresses, waistcoats and vintage items ❤️

RT @open_britpress: The £ has fallen to below $1.20 on a report that Theresa May will signal plans to quit the Single Market

RT @peoplesvote_uk: For our country, for our future. Six months ago a million of us came from far and wide to march for a #PeoplesVote. In less than 2 weeks we are marching again. How are you getting there? Don't miss out. Sign up to join your local coach now:

RT @xtophercook: RT @xtophercook: actual expert on strategy writes:…

RT @xtophercook: Bizarre Hackitt review press conference: at the start, adamant there was no need for banning types of cladding. There’s too much prescription, she said. By the end, would support govt taking her report and including a ban on combustible insulation on high rises.

RT @LabBAMENetwork: "Implement the reviews! Do Something! Change it! You're in power! You've been in power for a decade." @DavidLammy is on 🔥 this morning

RT @anthonypainter: The culture wars are unstoppable. The latest explosion is between different tribes of progressives - the Rowlings and the Radcliffe-Watsons. Social and political entropy. There must be a better way of discussion than this.

RT @LiShuo_GP: Worrisesome development: in the first 5 months of 2020, 48GW new coal power plants were moved ahead in China. This coal fever is particularly high in Shanxi, Shannxi, & Guangdong. Local forces played a key role in pushing these economically & environmentally harmful investments.

RT @KojoKoram: To those still complaining about UK protests for an overseas police killing, I just hope you kept that same energy for the charlie hebdo or 9/11 vigils. Don’t let me look down your timeline and find a “Je Suis Charlie”....