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RT @jessbrammar: If you leave for work pre 7am at the moment it’s like starting the day in a different season, and either being chilly on the journey in or boiling on the journey home

RT @jessbrammar: Imagine finding out your restaurant is going to shut from...Robert Peston. What has happened to government process and communications policy in this country?

RT @owenjbennett: RT @owenjbennett: Seems that Grieve isn't backing his own amendment, but is still going to propose it. Absolute scenes.

A large number of impressive local projects shortlisted in the Greenwich Neighbourhood Growth Fund. Local residents, make sure you take the time to vote for the three you believe should be prioritised:…

RT @nick_forbes: I'm told we are getting a PPE delivery tomorrow for the city which is only half of what we we got last week. Last week we got 40% of what we needed. We are having to ration provisions to care providers. This is a national scandal #PPENow

RT @nick_forbes: Just had a call from @Keir_Starmer - he wanted to know what was happening on the ground about coronavirus, and how he can help. Outstanding leadership, and we're only 4 hours in!

RT @nick_forbes: I've heard several prominent people say we have 5 years to fix Labour. No we don't - we have 5 months before essential local elections. Time is of the essence and dithering around won't help win a single Council seat in May.

Eno from Plumstead is missing. He has Down’s syndrome and became separated from his parents this morning in Bromley-by-Bow. The police believe it’s likely he got on a train/bus to an unknown location. He may have come back to south east London. If you see him, please call 999.

RT @TangibleCheese: HELP NEEDED. My brother has been missing since this morning at around 11am at Unity kitchen via Bromley by bow. He's got Down syndrome. Please RT. I'm genuinely worried.

RT @MegKneafsey: RT @MegKneafsey: Just a reminder that the #IstanbulConvention not only focuses on domestic violence but FGM, sexual assaults, honour killin…