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RT @Andrew_Adonis: RT @Andrew_Adonis: Peter Hain’s mum. Wow!

RT @Andrew_Adonis: ‘I can’t speak for the health department’ says Priti Patel when pressed on PPE for NHS staff. Excuse me, you are supposed to be speaking for the government!

RT @Andrew_Adonis: The school building programme announced today is about a fifth as large as Labour’s Building School for the Future programme which Michael Gove abolished in 2010

RT @Andrew_Adonis: ‘In my 47 years in Parliament, under 9 prime ministers, I have never seen trust in a government fall so far and so fast’ - Betty Boothroyd excoriating Johnson just now

RT @PaulWilliamsMP: I'm please that @michaelsavage from The Observer has picked up on this story. Thanks Michael - more people need to hear it……

RT @sarahwollaston: RT @sarahwollaston: @NadineDorries Get over yourself Nadine, Dominic is by far the best person for this vital role on behalf of the public…

RT @sarahwollaston: The Brexit dividend tosh was expected but treats the public as fools. Sad to see Govt slide to populist arguments rather than evidence on such an important issue. This will make it harder to have a rational debate about the ‘who & how’ of funding & sharing this fairly.

RT @sarahwollaston: Apparently it’s ‘patriotic’ to vote for a bad deal, which has no valid consent & which the PM’s own analysis says will make us poorer. No Thanks

RT @sarahwollaston: ‘The Prime Minister considers the matter closed’ seems to be the standard response to even shocking cases. What is the point of the Nolan principles of public life if Johnson, his ministers and their advisers can flout them with no consequences?…

RT @SkyNews: “All we’re getting is a tax rise.” Shadow Social Care Minister, Liz Kendall says plans for a cap on care costs “won’t do anything” for working age people with disabilities. #KayBurley Get more on this story: