All deleted tweets from politicians

Welsh Lab MP for Clwyd South & Co-Chair Charities & Volunteering All Party Gp /AS Llaf Cymru dros Dde Clwyd a Chyd-Gadeirydd y Grŵp dros Elusennau a Gwirfoddoli

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Great meeting in Parliament with Angela Hughes, Chief Executive Office of Wales Air Ambulance & Professor David Lockey. Thanks to @air_ambulance for all you do/ Cyfarfod gwych yn San Steffan gydag Angela Hughes, Prif Weithredwr Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru a'r Athro David Lockey. Diolch!

MP urges people to visit Penley Hospital exhibition…

Great news from @NorthWalesPolice. If you’ve got any info linked to drugs supply, please get in touch with the Police. The drug dealers don’t care about the lives they destroy or the communities they affect. They don’t deserve our protection.

RT @MaryWimbury: Right that Amber Rudd went. She had to take responsibility for the horrors of her department on #Windrush - but let’s not…

Good; it’s an important part of our national heritage & must be protected from vandalism /Mae'n rhan bwysig o'n treftadaeth genedlaethol ac mae'n rhaid ei diogelu rhag fandaliaeth.