All deleted tweets from politicians

Welsh Labour Member of Parliament for Clwyd South/ Aelod Seneddol Llafur Cymru dros Dde Clwyd

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RT @Open_Britain: READ: @thetimes leader piece in full - the Govt must publish #Brexit impact assessment reports on our economy. RT if you agree:

RT @Open_Britain: .@susanelanjones – Why are we trying to re-invent the wheel by crashing out of Customs Union and Single Market?

RT @Open_Britain: "Brexit is like giving up a three-course meal... for the promise of a packet of crisps in the future." The head of Liam Fox's International Trade Department on giving up the Single Market & Customs Union. Please RT:

RT @Open_Britain: MUST WATCH: shocking video in which Theresa May tells the truth about what Brexit will really mean for the Northern Ireland border. Everybody needs to see this so they know the real facts. Please RT:

RT @Open_Britain: MUST-WATCH: Boris Johnson's dishonesty is exposed as he claims that Britain won't continue to pay into the EU if we leave. Boris knows that the Brexit he promised in the referendum is never going to happen. Please RT so everybody knows the real facts:

RT @Open_Britain: RT @Open_Britain: .@susanelanjones – “Average worker in Britain worse off” thanks to threat of Brexit…

RT @Open_Britain: Today it was confirmed that Britain has gone from being the fastest growing G7 economy to the slowest growing major economy ON EARTH. Brexit is already damaging our economy. As the costs of Brexit become clearer, everyone is entitled to keep an open mind. Please RT:

RT @CharityTaxComm: The Charity Tax Commission will be launching its final report tomorrow in parliament. Watch this space and follow #CharityTax for regular updates, including how to acccess the full report.

RT @sowadally: Superb speech from @fmwales, showing what it means to have a Labour government & leading the way in exposing Tory shambles on Brexit. #lab17

RT @joelock85: RT @joelock85: Great session in Ruabon with Cllr Dana Davies, @Rees4Neath & @susanelanjones @welshlabour #labourdoorstep…