All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @patrickmoule: The fact that Lansman tried to use a meeting with fewer than 20 people present to remove someone with a mandate of 200,000 tells you everything you need to know about his commitment to member-led democracy…

RT @patrickmoule: Oh look, what a surprise - Boris Johnson's comments were immediately followed by a rise reported in abuse directed at Muslim women.…

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

Now, more then ever, we need mainstream voices speaking up for girls this, speaking up from amidst the rubble in Gaza. She asks questions that should haunt members of the UN Security Council. We need international action NOW to stop the bombing.

RT @cousinsdan: Sally was democratically selected and fully supported by the Bassetlaw CLP. She was on track to win because she was trusted to deliver the change the area needed. Your pals in high office got her removed by lying, and imposed their own candidate. Who had no support - and lost. 👏

RT @SamayyaAfzal: My first piece in the Independent today, on @Conservatives Islamophobia and what clearing Boris Johnson really means for Muslim women…

RT @johndavidblake: This is spectacular nonsense from @PeoplesMomentum: senior people in their organisation ran a selection process in which sitting cllrs were forbidden from discussing reselection w/ their members whilst Momentum phonebanked both CLPs…

RT @theobertram: Labour does not need more soul searching. We’ve had 11 years of introspection. The party needs to coldly understand and address why people are voting Conservative in such large numbers.

RT @TheJackieWeaver: I am delighted to announce that Rosemary Shrager has signed up to play me in the biopic of my life. The working title is - ‘Jackie Weaver - a woman with authority’

RT @cliodiaspora: I see some people assuming they’ll be #DeniedMyVote. Please do not make assumptions! ✅ If you registered to vote, go to your polling station. ✅ Go even if you don’t have a polling card. ✅ Try to vote. ❌ If you’re then denied your vote complain at the station and share here.

RT @henrymance: RT @henrymance: The DUP are in for a shock