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Wes Streeting MP

Labour Member of Parliament for Ilford North in Essex. Member of the Treasury Committee. Re-tweets ≠ endorsements. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

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RT @francesbarber13: I marched against Iraq war. Freezing cold day , biggest march ever. This is 2nd biggest. Sun shining ❤️…

RT @zeldawilliams: Screw those unachievable paradigms we called Disney Princesses, I only ever related to the smart but overlooked three di…

RT @KnowledgeOfLon2: @wesstreeting Job opportunity for your constituents Wes, this twitter feed is for help & direction for anyone wanting…

RT @networkrailPR: @wesstreeting This bank holiday some services are impacted by #EasterWorks. Constituents are asked to check…

RT @RobDotHutton: S Club 7 were never the same after Paul Cattermole left.

RT @doherties: @wesstreeting Thanks for standing up for our schools and our hospitals Wes. Heres to your reelection !👍

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

.@DavidLammy simply superb on @BBCr4today. If we win the notion of no confidence today, Labour should include a clear commitment to a people’s vote, with the option to remain, in our manifesto. If not, we must support a people’s vote now.

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

This is appalling. The battle for quality across Europe is far from won. May his dream become a reality in honour of his memory.

RT @tonymc39: In the space of just two days Steve Walker of @skwawkbox, also chair of Garston CLP, has posted a story about @RachelRileyRR,…

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

This is the way that this minority government treats Parliament. And yet it’s the Speaker gets attacked in the press for standing up for Parliament. Thank God for Bercow. Successive governments will rue the power he has given backbenchers and it’s good for democracy.