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Angela Smith MP (Labour) tweeted :

Disclaimer: As Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election, I am not currently an MP. Any references to MP on this page predate the dissolution of Parliament. I am however still around to help as best I can, please email:

RT @rachshabi: The amazing crowds at that #Labourlive event we were told nobody was going to be attending

RT @ayeshahazarika: Ash. I spent almost a decade as a Labour adviser. I helped draft the Equality Act. The last piece of legislation the la…

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

A few people have been asking me for this: our team's analysis of Thursday's votes in #WMids Mayoral Area. Bottom line: Labour wins popular vote. From these foundations we can rebuild #LetsStartNow

Lisa Nandy (Labour) tweeted :

There has been a lot of debate on what went wrong and what we should do next, but nothing yet has come close to understanding what has been happening in our towns for decades.

RT @LiamByrneMP: I know we all need to lick our wounds and dust ourselves down. But meantime, to every @uklabour member, activist, and supp…

RT @EliteIslington: Our leader @_Nikkyo and @Niniola_Scott sat with @EmilyThornberry to discuss how Elite can support the borough of Is…