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RT @7daysofaction7: @ros_luff @AnthonysJustice @normanlamb Hmmm yes We’re a long way way to get it to work. We’re in October the end of tra…

This thread reeks of anglophobia. In actuality the majority of eligible English voters didn’t vote Leave or Tory, just those who turned up, in the first case, & those who benefitted from FPTP in the second. An @theSNP deal to bring about #Brexit is as cynical as it is treacherous

Just spoke in the debate on reducing the stigma around eating disorders. Here in Cumbria our young people are being let down by serious under-funding with only 75p per head each year spent on preventative mental health treatment. They deserve better and we demand better for them

There is no “common sense” #Brexit. This isn’t helpful in the slightest. Now @theSNP have signalled grudging support for #PeoplesVote, perhaps they’d consider campaigning for it, rather than a soft Brexit which they’re still use to try to break up the UK with.

RT @Dunkiecan: Weirdly, I love this 😂…

RT @samirashackle: The MP Interview: Tim Farron on the social housing crisis, admiring Tony Blair, and standing in for Take That. http:/ ...

Free speech is the foundation of our democracy. No pupil should be punished for backing a legitimate political party.

On Saturday the 20th of October join me and the other thousands of people demanding a #FinalSay

RT @w_bushby: @Juvelad @NHSEngland @normanlamb @Greg0wen @LGBTLD I've just sent an email to @KateHoeyMP vital for the community. #prep

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