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@markdreyfusQCMP @GreenJ Having been through the family court system, and seen how much is wasted on all sorts of associated BS, all I can say is hooray.

@srpeatling Community grants, local sporting grants etc should not be funded by the Federal government, period. These sorts of things are not what Federal government is there for, and these schemes are and always have been rife with rorting. Remember Rod Kelly and the Whiteboard? #auspol

@LiberalsWA #auspol Bwahaha, “local grassroots”=branches stacked by powerbrokers to get the powerbrokers’ desired result. Know all about that one, in the area that covers, among others, Riverton!

@TonyKoc69285191 @Sandra_Sully Evil, Tony? Just because she disagrees with your and the left’s worldview? Why is it that so many on the left can not comprehend that people of goodwill can come to different conclusions? Is it so difficult to use reason to support your POV, that you need resort to as hominems?

@whereisdaz In the case of this statement, yes I am. I have no doubt Shine is a brilliant scientist, but in this specific case, letting this statement out under his name, he is an idiot. To me “unprecedented in the world” would have me checking to make certain of its accuracy.

@whereisdaz You have a legitimate point there, I have to admit. I was very annoyed with a rhetorical polemic coming from our headline science academy

#auspol #climatescience Idiots! I am very concerned with this from the Australian Academy of Science. Not only is the scale of bushfires NOT unprecedented in the world,...…

Statement regarding Australian bushfires | Australian Academy of Science…

@MayneReport So, Stephen, you think it if fine for a newspaper to publish lies, and not bother to ask the victim any questions whatsoever. If media don’t want to lose defamation cases: 1. Don’t lie 2. Do your due diligence. That would protect you under truth and qualified privilege #auspol