All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Dawson representing Mackay 2 Townsville. Electorate industries: mining, mining support, ag (esp sugar), fishing. Ph 0749440662 for media comment.

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RT @MargaretStrelow: The following is true. Adani will not have access to unlimited free water. There are two groups of Native title owners with similar names. This is causing deliberate confusion. Adani have a deal with the T.O. group that the courts consistently uphold.

RT @cacorbett: RT @cacorbett: Thanks to @gchristensenmp for opening our new @auspost Mackay superstore- our 70th nationwide.

RT @aupol_news: RT @aupol_news: Gay marriage supporter launches vile tirade at two 'no' voters

RT @LordBromley: RT @LordBromley: I predict that lots of SJWs will be "literally" crying, dying, vomiting, shaking, convulsing and fainting #ElectionNight

RT @DamTom79: RT @DamTom79: It’s only 8am and I’ve already read the best thing I’ll see today. Greens’ meddling must be stopped. Bravo ◽…

RT @DamTom79: RT @DamTom79: Premier snubs North Queensland…

RT @DamTom79: @HollidayRichard Good on you for trying but they've ascended from our astral plane and no longer communicate like we do. Try a bottle of wee next time.

RT @DamTom79: "The media should shut up about Pauline Hanson now." OK, by that rationale, we never have to report on the Greens again. Ta #qldvotes #nqvotes