All deleted tweets from politicians

Minister for the Environment and Federal Member for Farrer, Australian Parliament. Authorised by Sussan Ley MP, Liberal Party of Australia.

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Recycling businesses around the country are playing an important role in developing Australia’s circular economy and supporting the nation’s infrastructure 😁

RT @respros: There is no day that can't be improved by seeing pictures of how they weigh an owl.

With @gbrmarinepark Chief Scientist David Wachenfeld commenting on the Outlook Report, tabled in Parliament today.…

With @gbrmarinepark Chief Scientist David Wachenfeld commenting on the Outlook Report, tabled in Parliament today.

Releasing the Outlook Report on the Great Barrier Reef with @gbrmarinepark Chief Scientist David Wachenfeld via @YouTube

There’s a million paws stalk happening every night across our farms, our national parks and our protected areas. It’s not just important to remove feral cats but to make sure our domestic ones don’t join them!…

Central Coree Hall with Senator Perin Davey to meet the Logie Brae Community group. Passionate local farmers here talk about our shared determination for a strong and positive future for irrigated agriculture in our region notwithstanding the season we are facing. Thank you all!

From Lock 0 to Lock 10 and great to have the first meeting of the day outdoors! Good catch up with the Lower Darling Horticulture Group to discuss how we progress a win win for communities, the economy and the environment on this important stretch of one of our greatest rivers

Thank you to all who came together for National Tree Day, to do something positive for the environment. Trees give us fresh, cleaner air, provide food and shelter for wildlife, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and make our towns and cities more liveable. #20milliontrees

Delighted to meet your former patient, Estelle the spider monkey 🤗@KatieAllenMP. It’s not well known that paediatricians consult with our primates in zoos 🙊 She is now six years old@and doing really well! 😀