All deleted tweets from politicians

Liberal M.P. for the riding of Cape Breton-Canso. Parliamentary Secretary for Employment, Workforce Development & Labour. Husband and father.

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RT @HeatherMallick: With a truly mystifying clarification at the end. There's a big hole at the centre of the Tories' climate strategy | CBC News…

RT @Brucesask: Something for Ab to think about. A guy born in Ont, lived in Sk, then AB, most of life in Ottawa, came running into the prov with a staff & candidates from Ontario to save the prov. They all know more about AB than us, and will save it from the politicians in Ont. Is that right?

RT @Brucesask: CPC Candidate confirms plan to reopen abortion debate, and a Singh/Jt coalition could prevent that. There you have it. Cons plan to outlaw abortion.…

RT @ainslierae: RT @ainslierae: Thank-you to #daughtersofthevote & @RodgerCuzner for giving me the chance to take Mr. Cuzner's seat in the House of Commons…

Rodger Cuzner (Liberal) retweeted @ottguy :

RT @ottguy: I’m sure *none* of these same people argue we need to fight the terrorists ‘over there’ so they don’t spread to ‘here’ too… 🙄

RT @owenawhaley: This is a statue by Isaac Cordal. It depicts politicians debating climate change—without realizing they’re under water. I am speechless.

RT @1MikeMorris: @TheBlueGem3 @Ez4u2say_Janis Harper did not choose senators with the idea they would behave appropriately. They were chosen to be partisan hacks, and haven't disappointed him.

RT @andylassner: RT @andylassner: 2 mass shootings in one day. Is America great again yet?

RT @lnglimited: RT @lnglimited: Bear Head LNG Signs Agreements with Cape Breton Unions and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Chiefs…

RT @travisakers: RT @travisakers: @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump You had to buy copies of your own book to get it on the best sellers list... Sad.