All deleted tweets from politicians

Liberal M.P. for the riding of Cape Breton-Canso. Parliamentary Secretary for Employment, Workforce Development & Labour. Husband and father.

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RT @ChrisGNardi: @denisebatters That's not completely it. Telford did set up a conflict of interest screen, just not through the Ethics commissioner's office, because he determined it was not necessary. So PMO says they made their own on a voluntary basis anyways.

RT @FKParsons: Please, Twitter. Let’s help find Mary (Molly) Martin. She’s only 14. As a mother of a teenager myself (also Indigenous) I cannot imagine what her family is going through.

RT @DarrenFisherNS: RT @DarrenFisherNS: Hello Nova Scotia! And a big hello to you Cape Breton Island! #cloudscape #novascotia

RT @ArleneDunn66: Comparisons aside - @PattyHajdu is in a league of her own! Knowledgeable, empathetic, non-alarmist, compassionate, tough when required and a realist - unbeatable combo! We’re very fortunate! #cdnpoli

RT @ArleneDunn66: Happy retirement @TomSigurdson1! No words can adequately thank you for your dedication & exemplary commitment to workers!You must also be acknowledged for your authenticity, always exemplifying the highest regard&respect for others, whether behind closed doors or in front#genuine

RT @ArleneDunn66: I can attest to that @RodgerCuzner Well done and congrats to the team who brought the project to fruition and carried through on their commitments!

RT @ArleneDunn66: RT @ArleneDunn66: Happy 128th birthday IBEW. Great testament to where our dreams can bring us!…

RT @ArleneDunn66: RT @ArleneDunn66: This is phenomenal news!! Thank you AFL-CIO!!…

RT @ArleneDunn66: Never should there be a discussion about the skilled trades without the pairing of union membership. They are intrinsically entwined!…