All deleted tweets from politicians

National MP. Co-captain, NZ Parliamentary Cricket XI. Samoyed owner, coffee addict, brisket lover.

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Classic NZ. Protestors storm the Capitol in Washington D.C. seeking to stop the democratic will of the people but One News leads with breaking news of a shark attack (very sad obviously but... come on).

Could be me but not sure reckon tailend nightwatchmen are not meant to review clearly out caught behinds #NZvPAK

RT @TheCricketerMag: RT @TheCricketerMag: ◽ If you could only watch one wicket on repeat for the rest of your life, which would you choose? ◽

If you start playing "We will Rock You" by Queen tonight at 11.58pm and 22 seconds, then Brian May's famous guitar riff will coincide with midnight and you can spend the first minute of 2019 rocking out with him and Queen. You're welcome.

RT @ICC: RT @ICC: How it started v how it's going ◽

RT @Dean_Nimbly: RT @Dean_Nimbly: @TheSpinoffTV @cjsbishop Bish may not be in Government anymore, but still #Delivering #For #New #Zealanders