All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Hutt South, "a lawmaker" (NY Times, 2020). Hutt boy. Cricket tragic. Coffee addict. Authorised by C. Bishop, 66 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt.

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RT @JoeAscroft1:… Govt. charm strategy in New Plymouth over oil/gas was to fly in a Hollywood director to tell the locals to go vegan. You cannot make this stuff up.

RT @djsantero: RT @djsantero: This barred list from the Half Moon pub in Herne Hill is incredible, it's like a Guy Ritchie casting call…

RT @wardbarrister: My advocacy hero: the late, great Leolin Price QC opening an appeal: “This case concerns the law of contract: offer, acceptance and consideration.” Lord Widgery: “I think you can take it we understand the basics.” Price QC: “I made that mistake in the court below, my lord.”

Usually cause Winston’s gone and talked to the losers before talking to Tracey... or anyone.

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Govt working groups on business issues: * Trade for All Agenda * Small Business Advisory Council * Tax Working Group * Monetary Policy Review * Future of Work Forum * Just Transitions Unit * Climate Commission * Holidays Act Review * Fair Pay Taskforce * Business Advisory Council

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: On oil & gas, the decision was: * not @nzlabour policy - not in manifesto * not Coalition policy - not in coalition agreement with @winstonpeters, and * not NZ Government policy - no cabinet minute. It was a whim announced by press statement by @jacindaardern. #nzpol

More leaks please…

RT @SarahTrotmannz: If PM and Deputy PM had spent some time discussing #CGT 18mths ago we would not have had 18mths of uncertainty - resulting in 2018 result of 2.3% growth rather than @nztreasury forecast of 3.7 #Political and #Economic mismanagement in my view