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Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Climate justice meets social justice. This will not only help cut emissions, it will held low-income eaners, working people, students and seniors......NDP’s climate plan includes pledge to support ‘fare-free’ public transit… via @ipoliticsca

RT @jf_daoust: Dommage de tjrs attendre de gros scandales pour donner la parole à Alain Deneault, indispensable au débat public. #polqc #po…

Nathan Cullen (NDP) retweeted @redaloud :

RT @redaloud: Note to #NDP convention organizers, they allow booze on the floor here at #cpcldr. Just sayin' @maritstiles

nikiashton (NDP) retweeted @noahevanchuk :

RT @noahevanchuk: CBC is closing the La Ronge SK office. RT this if you believe in maintaining a CBC presence in the north. #savecbcinla ...

nikiashton (NDP) retweeted @noahevanchuk :

RT @noahevanchuk: Great media event for @nikiashton in #yqr for the release of her bold and innovative justice policy. #ndpldr #ndp #jus ...

nikiashton (NDP) retweeted @noahevanchuk :

RT @noahevanchuk: @SPhillipsNDP so proud of your campaign!!!

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

I had the privilege to present congratulatory certificates to the women who graduated from the #ISS Immigrant Women’s Peer Support Program. Many of them are volunteering in our community or looking for career opportunities. All the best for their future endeavours.

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @DGL50 :

RT @DGL50: @ishat_reza Interesting and detailed analysis. But the Canadian DPA legislation does not indicate that the AG has to consult out…

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

So how does Ontario Proud/Canada Proud get all these phone numbers? What are they doing with the data? Who is getting the profiling info they collect? We need to watch these 3rd party data mercenaries as the election approaches.…

RT @ThatsMrNeil: Of course it is going to be a 'nasty' election campaign in 2019, you have already made it that way. You hired the founder…