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Députée NPD pour Salaberry-Suroît Porte-parole Jeunesse // NDP MP for Salaberry-Suroît Critic for Youth. Tweets écrits par Anne et son équipe.

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RT @MurrayRankin: Tax fairness won’t be achieved by more empty promises from the Liberals. We need real action to close the door on offshore tax havens that wealthy Canadians are using to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. #cdnpoli #taxfairness

RT @MurrayRankin: This should make all Canadians extremely upset. There is no other conclusion that one can reasonably draw but there was a sustained, consistent effort to interfere politically with the critical role that an attorney-general must play in our legal system.…

RT @MurrayRankin: My bill proposes the expungement of cannabis convictions, while the Libs are offering a pardon process. I'm happy they want to make it expedited & free, but Cdns w/ pardons still have to check that 'convicted of criminal offence' box on job & housing applications. That's not ok.

RT @MurrayRankin: The Liberals just defeated my motion to examine the ramifications of routinely invoking the notwithstanding clause. Very disappointing. This is a nonpartisan issue that deserves the attention of the Justice Committee. Canadians deserve to know their Charter rights are protected.

RT @MurrayRankin: I’m disappointed the Min of Public Safety ruled out expungement of cannabis convictions because he claims that’s reserved for "historical injustice." The disproportionate impacts felt by Indigenous People & racialized communities demonstrates a deep historical injustice.

RT @MurrayRankin: Trudeau made it clear today he intends to force through the expansion of the #TransMountain pipeline using the same flawed Harper-era approval proccess that already failed to properly consult with Indigenous Peoples or fully consider the impacts on our coastline and marine life.

RT @MurrayRankin: When will Ottawa keep its promise on removing derelict boats? A wonderful piece by colleague NDP MP Sheila Malcolmson. @s_malcolmson…

RT @MurrayRankin: The Liberals have had three years to prepare for this, yet they still don’t have any legislation to help thousands of Canadians with cannabis convictions get on with their lives. I have a bill prepared that would do that! Take it! #cdnpoli #C415

RT @MurrayRankin: Canadians deserve ethical conduct from elected officials. Not acceptable from our Finance Minister. We must have #accesstoinfo #cdnpoli

Anne Minh Thu Quach (NDP) retweeted @SPVM :

RT @SPVM: #Disparition Maria Bocearov, 20 ans, a été vue pour la dernière fois le 28 juillet vers 3 h dans le secteur Centre-Sud. Sa famille craint pour sa santé et sa sécurité. Merci de retweeter afin de la retrouver rapidement. #SPVM ^RM