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Députée/MP Beauharnois-Salaberry

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RT @GeorgeNDP: RT @GeorgeNDP: Taking a photo of @RosieBarton taking a photo of @ThomasMulcair before the start of @PnPCBC #cdnpoli

RT @KevinNguyyyen: Proud to stand with @AnneMTQuach & @Tony_Bui at the Journey to Freedom Day flag raising ceremony. Today, we honour the sacrifices so many Vietnamese people have made and Canada's acceptance of the Vietnamese community

RT @KevinNguyyyen: The #LunarNewYear may have fallen during the @NDP Convention this past weekend but I'm glad I got to spend time with @Tony_Bui & @AnneMTQuach, two amazing fellow Vietnamese New Democrats! here's to having more diversity within our party! #Ottawa2018

RT @KevinNguyyyen: RT @KevinNguyyyen: Love seeing my boss @AnneMTQuach speak in favour of free tuition! Education is a right! #Ottawa2018…

RT @erinwilkins: It was wonderful to hear @theJagmeetSingh speak at @uOttawa today on issues such as reconciliation, harm reduction policy, reducing emissions and electoral reform!

RT @CHardcastleNDP: Deeply disappointed that the Liberals have indicated that they won't be supporting my PMB C-348, designed to make it easier for persons living with disabilities to access their federal benefits. This is the easy stuff that should already have been done. Shame. #LowHangingFruit

RT @CHardcastleNDP: RT @CHardcastleNDP: My statement in the House today marking International Women Human Rights Defenders Day… https:/…

RT @CHardcastleNDP: In press conference presenting petition calling on Canada to step up efforts in addressing humanitarian crisis facing Rohingya in Myanmar

RT @Dom_Arseneau: RT @Dom_Arseneau: En passant.. "équilibrer le budget" en utilisant 2 milliards $ du fonds de prévoyance, c'est pas très.. "prévoyant" dison…