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RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: .@r_garrison: Will @HarjitSajjan remind @jimcarr_wpg that Fed Govt has no authority to use military against peaceful protests? #KinderMorgan

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: .@ThomasMulcair Libs promised new process for #KinderMorgan & reverse their position. What would #PMJT call that if not a betrayal? #bcpoli

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @MPJulian :

RT @MPJulian: RT @MPJulian: People before Profiteering Town Hall Technical difficulties - we are doing a FB Live NOW instead. It will be posted on YouT…

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

People before Profiteering Town Hall… Technical difficulties - we are doing a FB Live NOW instead. It will be posted on YouTube tomorrow.

RT @SarahAndrews22: De toute évidence M. Blanchet croit que les travailleurs au Québec n’ont pas le droit d’avoir un congé payé s’ils sont malades. Ça confirme bel et bien que le NPD est le SEUL parti qui défend tous les travailleurs, au Québec comme dans le reste du Canada

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

June 1 is 1 wk away, sm bus. owners worry how to pay their rent. #CECRA is too landlord-centered leaving tenants helpless. Tenants should have an option to pay 50% if they can. ⁦@BurnabyBOT⁩@NewWestChamber⁩ ⁦⁦@DowntownNewWest⁩

RT @PetuniaProgress: @VikingLander11 @theJagmeetSingh @MPJulian Yes, I too would like to know why Trudeau put up a roadblock for people like me to get access to CERB. I need financial help and I cant get CERB.

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @GordJohns :

RT @GordJohns: @MPJulian and I wrote again to @Bill_Morneau and @mary_ng to urge immediate evictions moratorium and changes to CECRA criteria to allow commercial tenants to apply for 50% of rent subsidy directly to cover June rent when landlords unwilling to apply. #COVID19 #savesmallbusiness

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @adrierob :