All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ziaryaad: #انقلاب The voice of thousands peoples in Nangarhar Province for supporting #PashtunLongMarch. @a_siab @sanaejaz2 @khanzamankakar #pashtun #Pashtoon

RT @SaidomarHamdard: هغه غږ ونړیده چې د لکونو مسلمانانو پوښتنو ته یې جوابونه ورکول. شهید مولوی سمیع الله ریحان نور له موږ سره نشته. نور یې ژوندۍ اسلامي خپرونې نه نشریږي نور مسجد ته نه راځي. 😖😖😖 د جنازې مراسم په شریزي لوبغالي کې.

RT @SaidomarHamdard: @Gilamanpashtee is not a criminal to be arrested by Interpol. He is a #Peaceactivist for #Pahstuns minority in Pakistan. Bahrain govt should not hand him over to Pakistan govt. His arresting is totally opposite with all human rights & intl laws. @moi_bahrain #DontDeportGeelaman

RT @tgoudsouzian: New #Taliban PR campaign sees no need for persuasive images or reasonable social media messages as objective is no longer to influence or convince... The fundamental need to consolidate power is the new objective, I argue in @DefenseOne .… via @DefenseOne

RT @mirwaisstanikza: RT @mirwaisstanikza: Long live PTM❤❤❤ #PTM supporters hold rally in Miran Shah, North Waziristan. #PashtunLongMarch2MiranShah…

RT @mirwaisstanikza: RT @mirwaisstanikza: منظور د پښتون د حق نعره د پښتون له کوره د غليم تر غوږ لاندې؛ پورې اوچتوي! دا ته څوک يې❤ #pashtunlingmarch2karachi http…

RT @SSamiraSR: Latest announcement from the #Taliban: Women in management roles in the government Bast 1, 2, 3 (General Director, Director, Manager) and I assume by extension DM/Minister level, must resign immediately or will be fired by the emirate. "Taliban have changed." #Afghanistan

RT @anaulhaq: RT @anaulhaq: پشتون بھائیوں سے التجا ہے کہ اس دفعہ متحد ہو کر طالبان کے سہولت کاروں اور فنانسروں کو خیبر پختونخوا میں عبرتناک شکست سے دوچار…

RT @TaniwalWahid: My name is Wahidullah Taniwal. I am from Afghanistan. I stand by victims of enforced disappearances & their families. #EndEnforcedDisappearances @a_siab