All deleted tweets from politicians

Central Secretary Information Pakistan people’s Party, http:/, Member CEC, Foreign Affairs Committee. Former Deputy Speaker @NAofPakistan

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On #WorldPeaceDay the world must recognise Pakistan’s contributions from being the largest contributors to UN peace keeping to conflict resolution and hosting refugees.

Lively interaction with #PYO South Punjab in Raheem Yar Khan.

Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari paid a visit to the shrine of Shah Shams Tabreez (RA) and paid condolences to Makhdoom Aun Raza on the sad demise of his father Makhdoom Zahid Hussain Shamsi.

Cheering crowds in D.G.Khan welcoming Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari with the traditional Attan.

At the residence of Former PPP VP Syed Ali Haider Zaman Gardezi with Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari to offer condolences on the sad demise of his brother Col Nasir Zaman Gardezi.

Shrinking the political space for women is against the spirit of Islam & Pakistan. Jinnah led by example by making his sister a part of the political struggle.

This incident is different to that of Minar e Pakistan. These animals in human form ought to be chemically castrated. Rest for women can not be compromised at any cost!

RT @BBCYaldaHakim: Terrified Kabul residents tell me they are hearing rumours Taliban are at the gates of Kabul. The women I've been speaking to say they are looking for safe houses #AfghanistanBurning