All deleted tweets from politicians

Director (South & Central Asia) Hudson Institute. Pakistan ambassador to US 2008-2011. Author of 'Pakistan Between Mosque & Military' & 'Magnificent Delusions'

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Husain Haqqani (pakistan) retweeted @AFP :

RT @AFP: RT @AFP: #BREAKING Pope meets top Iraq Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani

RT @BethanyAllenEbr: Hugely important investigation from ProPublica: Since August 2019, ProPublica has tracked more than 10,000 suspected fake Twitter accounts involved in a coordinated influence campaign with ties to the Chinese government.…

RT @mazdaki: دیر آید، درست آید Ambassador Haqqani has previously said that he doesn’t carry any hard feelings about it. Magnanimous of both men

RT @Mu7ibullah: Mian Nawaz Sharif has openly admitted that it was wrong of him to seek PPP government's ouster through the concocted 'memogate' scandal

RT @apmassaro3: Great to see @KleptocracyIntv work on corporate transparency headlining this week's @HudsonInstitute newsletter. @NateSibley put in serious elbow grease to ensure the Hill was briefed up on the threat of kleptocracy. Can't overstate how important this was.…

RT @NaPoha_: Did you know there is no public transport to the Supreme court of Pakistan and Taxis arent allowed into the zone. I once had to walk 2 kms in Ramzan because taxis arent allowed. CJP can use the 40 million or so to provide shuttle service to the damned place of justice.

RT @NadeemfParacha: RT @NadeemfParacha: Situation: A dictatorship trapped in a democratic body.

RT @IndiaToday: Judges found former president #NicolasSarkozy guilty of trying to #bribe a judge and of influence-peddling on Monday and sentenced him to three years in jail, with two years suspended. #corruption #ITCard Full story here:

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) tweeted :

This is one of the men released under the poorly negotiated Doha ‘Peace’ deal!!!! #Afghanistan

RT @bennettrich: RT @bennettrich: If you read one thing about Turkey, read this. Thank you @KaminskiMK. Proud to be a politico in times like these https://t…