All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliamentary Leader PPP and Former Leader of Opposition in the Senate of Pakistan . FormerPakistan Amb to the US/Fed Minister.Chair Jinnah Institute.

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CPG Conversation on The Way Forward for PAKISTAN with Senator Sherry Reh... via @YouTube

RT @hass_akbr: #ImranKhan at USIP on media curbs is way off the truth. Every journalist has a right to cover the opposition leadership. That’s what journalists do. But when you pull off Zardari’s interview, block Maryam’s rally, stop any talk of PTM then its media censorship. This is a fact.

RT @hass_akbr: I love this video comparison. Bilawal reminds me of his mother. BB was always equally comfortable and compassionate in crowds. Unlike the Zaman Park PM who is lost and detached and least interested in what’s going on in the hospital.…

New curricula in both Pak-India education compared by @pervezhoodbhoy. India is going for Hindu-isation and indigenisation while Pak is going for Arabisation and Islamisation. Missiles will still require Francis Newton’s laws, critical thinking…

2. “Us” vs “Them” binaries establish a hierarchy of human worth: corrupt vs law-abiding, lazy vs hard-working, racially pure vs impure,righteous vs liberal. Those deemed worthy become the chosen “volk”, the rest r cast into roles of criminals,terrorists,outcasts. #Fascism

I doubt if @FATFWatch @FATANews is looking for such extreme,draconian laws. Govt has brought bill drafts that are shocking and unprecedented with martial law plus powers that no signatory states would sign on to.Due process would be far cry in these. In this shape we can’t agree

Oh God . Climate change is doubly important after covid. Was hoping SOME lessons might have been learnt! This Govt really has no vision or duty of care to Pakistan. Last 2 years thr hottest temps in the world have been recorded in Pk, so climate action is urgent but no.

RT @meranaam: RT @meranaam: @hyzaidi and the Sindh govt keeps getting vilified

After 2 hours of solid questioning civilaviation authority and minister Aviation statements r not matching.Shocking divergence in 1 division after the national airline is limping. No one taking responsibility for anything. As a Pakistani I don’t want to repeat what they’re saying