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Leader of United Australia Party. National Living Treasure. Authorised by Clive Palmer, 240 Queen St Brisbane.

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RT @UnitedAusParty: RT @UnitedAusParty: “The Hight Court of Australia has reconfirmed the implied term in our constitution of political free speech.

Hi JM Please tweet Palmer to launch High Court action against Morrison’s vaccine passport   Clive Palmer announced today he would be launching a High Court action against Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposal to introduce a vaccine passport.

“It is a simple fact that the TGA - according to TGA reporting - has received over 24,000 adverse reports.

Mr Palmer said it was Prof Skerritt’s responsibility in his public role to ensure that those matters are properly investigated and autopsies carried out to see if this prima facie conclusion can be disregarded.

Clive Palmer responds to Professor Skerritt over COVID ad campaign Clive Palmer has replied to the Deputy Secretary for Health Products Regulation, Professor John Skerritt, over criticisms of Mineralogy’s radio campaign on COVID-19 vaccines.

“I do not understand why the Australian Government has bought over 180,000,000 doses of the vaccines when there are less than 25,000,000 Australians. Prima facie it looks a serious case of enrichment for pharma companies at the public’s expense,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The facts of the matter are clear on the CDC website in the United States that over 50% of animals died in the animal trials of these vaccines, which would normally indicate that such vaccines are not suitable for human consumption.

“In respect to the 3.7 million deaths alleged to be caused by COVID in the world; you need to take stock of the number of deaths that occur in the world each year.

“I am concerned about Australia and Australians and there has only been one COVID death in Australia this year. Moreover, serious concerns need to be expressed about Doctor Fauci in the US and the revelations that have come to light in recent times.