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RT @markhutchings1: UK Government says the goal of 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month was for the whole of the UK. Now there’s a correction - it’s for England.

RT @affleckquine: The government turned down the offer of 5000 ventilators for immediate delivery with another 25,000 over 5 weeks from a UK company. Instead they are now expecting a delivery of 30 for clinical trial at the end of the week. Yes 30. #croneyism #Corruption #COVIDー19…

RT @JoshuaPotash: RT @JoshuaPotash: Somebody decided to invite Dr. Rishi Desai onto Fox. I don’t think they’ll be asking him back.

RT @catalannews: #BREAKING: Prison authorities reject allowing jailed independence leaders to spend coronavirus lockdown at home. Find out more ⤵…

RT @TomJHarper: Breaking - 9 Russian businessmen who gave money to the Conservative party are named in a secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy which was suppressed last week by Downing Street. See tomorrow’s Sunday Times story with @cazjwheeler

RT @TomJHarper: Senior Whitehall source: “Downing Street are concerned that if this emerges it would raise questions about the validity of the referendum result, which is the central issue in the general election campaign & could compromise the Tories pitch to the electorate to get Brexit done.”

RT @TomJHarper: STORY: Russia may have had an impact on the result of the Brexit referendum, according to secret intelligence report suppressed by No 10. Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry: “What is Boris Johnson trying to hide from the British public, and why?”…