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RT @ManonRadge: Dyma ni, gefnogwyr Sasha, cyfle arall i chi bleidleisio dros gi rhyfeddol amlieithog Rhosgadfan! Fotiwch a rhannwch, os gwelwch yn dda, er mwyn sicrhau ei bod yn cyrraedd y rownd derfynol o #Tripedog 2020.

RT @rjarkhipov: “They have strength and will be able to dominate us, but social processes can be arrested neither by crime nor force. History is ours, and people make history.”— Salvador Allende Europeans and young people of #Wales, get out and vote today! Unlock the potential of Wales!

RT @Griffpembs13: Labour votes for London luvvies! It is time Wales put a positive, inclusive and dynamic government together in Wales to stop this control by people who have never even been to Wales! Join the #IndyWales movement and do whats right

RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: 16. Month. Old. Triplets. AND A SIX YEAR OLD

RT @davdiy: Party with the most: Councillor's : SNP. MSP's :SNP MP's : SNP. MEP's : SNP. Scottish Membership: SNP. Scottish Government since 2007: SNP. Mandated by the Scottish people to represent and speak for them: SNP. YOU WERE SAYING?…

RT @rodfubar5150: If you’re not indycurious yet, watch this rambling shambles & then get back to me. It’s the translators I feel sorry for. #IndyWales

RT @dafydd_williams: How will @NWPCCFoulkes @NWPolice be working to protect the vulnerable in rural NW? Will @NWPRPU be stopping tourists at the border day & night? Will @fmwales @vaughangething @WelshGovernment finally legislate against holiday home use before a rural second wave? @northwaleslive

RT @Jeggit: RT @Jeggit: Der Spiegel isn't hanging about. It doesn't miss and hit the wall either.

RT @DavidHenigUK: RT @DavidHenigUK: Spare a thought for government apologists bravely defending the indefensible……

RT @emsjcole: .@vaughangething I have a toddler with a fever of 39+. 31 wks pregnant, on doc's orders to remain within a short distance of Heath. After spending most of today trying to book a test I get offered one in Builth, a 3 hour+ round trip from home. How do you defend this shambles?