All deleted tweets from politicians

Hywel Williams AS/MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Aelod Seneddol @Plaid_Cymru ARFON Member of Parliament | Swyddfa/Office: 01286 672 076 | Ail-drydar ≠ cydsyniad RT ≠ endorsements | Aelod/ Member @CommonsEUExit

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RT @bethangharad: Some of my fellow Northwalians will be tactically voting Labour in the #GE to get the Tories out but there are so many issues with Welsh Labour. I will as always be voting for @Plaid_Cymru because my local MP @HywelPlaidCymru is the best person for the job 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌳

RT @business_owen: RT @business_owen: Coronavirus: Chancellor set to outline furlough scheme changes…

RT @siangwenfelin: Mae angen troi pob carreg i gefnogi gweithwyr Northwood. #Penygroes Every option must be explored to support the 94 workers and their families. Hope to hear from @KenSkatesMS soon.

RT @LesleyRiddoch: Actually, the non-Covid questions are more illuminating than the blethering Cummings section on the #LiaisonCommittee . Boris doesn't have any grasp of any policy detail at all. This is the biggest source of contrast between him, & Nicola Sturgeon.

RT @simon_schama: @JohnJCrace @maitlis Dont seem to recall them knuckle-rapping Paxman or Humphrys for being..forthright. And what part of @maitlis opening was actually untrue?

RT @JoStevensLabour: This is astonishing. The Prime Minister admits at #liaisoncommittee that he has no idea that thousands of families and individuals living and working legally in the UK, cannot access welfare or public funds because of current legislation. Absolutely astonishing.…

RT @Natt: Cameron left his in a pub. Gove left his alone in a hotel while he & his wife went to a party. Cummings strapped his into a car to test his eyesight. Johnson won't even say how many he's got. I'm particularly enjoying this period of them all telling us how to raise our children.

RT @m0gs: I did originally question his reasons, but glad he’s given this full explanation and cleared things up. We now all need to move on.…