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Bethan Sayed MS/AS signalling a virtue and proud


Plaid Cymru Politician. Mam to Idris. Viola player,❤nordic drama, travel, fitness, foodie. Regional office in Port Talbot- contact 01639 820530.

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RT @CCriadoPerez: BREAKING NEWS: survey finds that contrary to marketing “wisdom”, women do not in fact “not want pockets”. They are TWICE as likely to NOT buy something if it DOESN’T have pockets than to not buy something if it does. Retailers: YOUR MOVE.…

RT @HMorganThompson: Best of luck to them next weekend but this is why people don’t like England fans. Everything in their favour, player numbers, resources - and still so many of them have no self-awareness of it and show humility in victory. Wales have to work 10 times as hard to even things out…

RT @HMorganThompson: So according to this story @AlunCairns and @Byron_Davies knew all along about Ross England. They both have questions to answer. Such as - why didn’t they think it mattered?…

RT @copscampaign: The #CHISBill was passed, with none of Labour's amendments. It is almost certain to be law that state agencies can self-authorise to commit literally any crime. All the abuses committed by #SpyCops & so much more besides.

@JoelTory Shocked at the powers the Senedd has? So you want to stand in an election to the Seneds to not use those powers when in Government. That's real ambition there!!!

@warthog101 @_El1988 So you think it will be ok for them to live there if it has a refurb? That putting them there is acceptable?

@briangoldsmith Not illegal immigrants. The barracks were CLOSED. Go and find yourself some humanity down the back of your sofa, Brian.

@PaulCasella2 It was closed down. I don't think its appropriate for them to be based there in covid times. Stop making this about if I care about veterans or not. Its just a false argument to make especially if you know anything about me.

@potter2207 Ha ha. Virtue signalling because J care about the welfare of asylum seekers and refugees being put in a disused barracks. Silly me for caring.

Breaking news. I think I've found my new profession post politics........ 😂 (#joke in case it passes anyone by!!!!)