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MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun Killie through and through @theSNP

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RT @DoormanJon: In 2014 I campaigned against Scottish Indyref. I campaigned in Glasgow & Edinburgh and argued to stay together. However, the way that this rotten govt is treating Scotland I can no longer argue against indyref 2 anymore. @joannaccherry @drewhendrySNP @GavNewlandsSNP @MhairiBlack

Another #AndyMurray rollercoaster. Fantastic. And what a winning shit. And I can now finish up in office and head back to flat which is another bonus! #Wimbledon2021

CPR played a crucial role in the events that unfolded during the Euro 2020 game on Saturday. It's something everyone should know. Learn CPR - it could save a life. Information 👇

RT @WeeWendy21: Had another lovely morning leafleting in the sunshine for @AlanBrownSNP with the husband and @Joolsey. Great response, feeling positive 🤞 #snp #SNP #DissolveTheUnion #GeneralElection #GetBrexitGone #iindyref2 #Independence #IndyRef2 #Kilmarnock #ScottishIndependence #VoteSNP

As a sponsor of the #CEEbill, I'm proud to add my voice to the thousands of people calling on the UK Government to make time for the bill in Parliament—and enact this vital plan to tackle the climate-nature emergency. Find out more at

RT @mjkingram: Having voted NO in 2014 and from changing my mind to Yes in 2016, today I joined @theSNP as the first time I have joined any party. Today's events have highlighted to me the urgency in supporting #ScotRef any way I can.

RT @DerekMackaySNP: Independence allows us choices on the policies, economy & society that we desire. As said before, #GERS estimates (based upon the current constitutional arrangements) tell us little about the finances of an independent Scotland.

RT @DerekMackaySNP: BREAKING – a budget deal has been agreed with @ScotGP delivering extra support for Local Government, public sector pay and low carbon infrastructure. Our budget for Scotland will reverse Tory cuts, deliver support for the economy and increase health spending by £400m

RT @KatyCoats1: RT @KatyCoats1: Thanks to @NicolaSturgeon for suming up how we're all feeling about UKIP with that face. #LeadersDebate…