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RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: These women should be everyone's squad goals. ◽◽…

RT @julstachurska: 🥰 Thank you to everyone who attended tonight and thank you to our absolutely fantastic panel - @NicolaSturgeon, @RhiannonV, @AngelaCrawley30, @CampbellSNP and @KirstyStricklan. The power of women is so visible in @theSNP and the independence movement.

RT @StewartMcDonald: That answers part of the parliamentary question I submitted earlier. An utterly unacceptable use of public funds whilst members of the armed forces are spending their own money on uniforms and kit, and the equipment plan deficit is well into the billions for several years running

RT @WorldCup_of_MPs: 🗳 ROUND 1 GROUP 88 🗳 🔘 @AngelaCrawley30 (SNP) 🔘 @Peter_Dowd (LAB) 🔘 Philip Hollobone (CON) 🔘 @mattwarman (CON) Poll Open for 48 Hours | Top 2 Qualify Vote & Retweet for a Larger Audience

RT @NicolaSturgeon: RT @NicolaSturgeon: STAY HOME. PROTECT THE NHS. SAVE LIVES.

RT @LeeMartin113: Couldn't put it better myself @MrJohnNicolson. Angela is an inspirational role model to women and LGBTI people including me #VoteAngela1…

RT @LeeMartin113: Truly well deserved Angela! You're a true inspiration to many including me and a tireless campaigner for LGBTI equality 🌈💛 xx…

RT @LeeMartin113: Looking forward to #SNP16 and to have the opportunity to vote for @AngelaCrawleyMP for National Women & Equalities Convener. #voteAngela1