All deleted tweets from politicians

Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Hurling fan, #deise Chair of Int'nat Trade Commons Select Comm -SNP DEFRA --Gaidhlig & Beurla og smá Islensku & Irish - RTs not endorse.

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RT @joharrold2: RT @joharrold2: @adamboultonSKY you Irish......two words which say a lot about your 'impartiality' as a journalist......

I d hope to have Honda quad bikes and maybe MF tractors,... after some Christmas ◽◽

RT @holyroodmandy: Nicola Sturgeon scoffing at idea that she could persuade Boris Johnson to give Scotland the powers to be able to deliver UBI and yet believes she could get him to agree to a Section 30 order...#SP21 #STVDebate

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: This should be no surprise When Sec30 is for zillionth time refused - guess what legislation the Scots Parliament might pass that will be in the frame. But we have chosen not to try and change to independence in May, ergo ...

RT @gill_hug: RT @gill_hug: "Ukip wants fewer people to be English while the SNP wants more people to be Scottish"…

RT @BBCGaryR: In France MPs vote to suspend domestic airline routes that can be travelled direct by train in less than 2.5 hours. It's part of a series of climate and environmental measures. An idea we should be looking at here? We'll speak to Environment Correspondent @KKeaneBBC #bbcgms 0650

RT @Mike_Blackley: RT @Mike_Blackley: Labour MSPs to be forced to vote against any #indyref2 bid.

RT @Mike_Blackley: RT @Mike_Blackley: Tories ask Labour to team up with them in a new 'alliance' to oppose the SNP's push for another independence referendum.

RT @Mike_Blackley: RT @Mike_Blackley: Paul Sinclair says Corbyn win will spark Rowley leadership challenge in Scotland and Scottish Labour will split. #bbcgms