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SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse Retweets are not endorsements. Convener of the Equalities & Human Rights Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

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RT @RickBlaine123: Tory #marr says lets move on from "unimportant" Toby Young story....marr right on Tory message as usual...only 200,000 have signed a petition to stop his appointment that's how unimportant it is

RT @Cadrieu: @CarolineLucas I’ve left Labour Party because of their position on EU. I cannot support a party that is working to destroy this country and it economy for political expediency. They have no backbone.

RT @Cadrieu: @PickardJE EU would be remiss in their duties if they did not make preparations for all contingencies, this is just the UK thinking they are a special case, when in fact they are the ones that created this debacle.

RT @polcol8: @RuthDavidsonMSP @BrandonLewis @JamesCleverly perhaps you could start by explaining to my 86 year old mum why she has been asked to attend a dwp compliance interview for housing benefit?She hasn't slept or eaten in 2 weeks since the letter arrived, what a state she's got herself into, its made her ill with worry.

RT @polcol8: RT @polcol8: Well said Nicola ! Scotland needs a strong voice against may and her cronies #LeadersDebate

RT @devisridhar: RT @devisridhar: My take on why pursuing a ‘herd immunity’/shield the vulnerable’ strategy is dangerous…

RT @devisridhar: Friendship, looking out for each other, kindness, warmth. We can all make a positive difference to others’ lives no matter how small we are or where we come from.

RT @KarenAdamSNP: My garden and house were surveyed and I was given practical safety advice. My neighbours approached to help look out. My number logged so I get an urgent response. The person in question will see the police today and be charged under a communications offence. Thank you 😊 2/2

RT @KarenAdamSNP: Overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. So many of you privately and publicly reached out. It really does make a difference to what could be a spiral of thoughts to managing to keep the heid and feeling safe. @policescotland were fantastic, they have just been to visit..1/2