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SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse. Scottish Government Minister for Older People & Equalities. Retweets are not endorsements.

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RT @Scouse_ma: RT @Scouse_ma: I will never not find this funny

RT @StNiniansPri: Hi Primary 3, it’s us, Mrs Bell and Mrs Curely! It’s been great speaking to you this week and hearing all about the amazing things you have been up to. You have been very busy bees! Missing you lots and thinking of you all! Stay safe! ⭐️🌈💕

RT @TomJHarper: Breaking - 9 Russian businessmen who gave money to the Conservative party are named in a secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy which was suppressed last week by Downing Street. See tomorrow’s Sunday Times story with @cazjwheeler

RT @neilburgh: @Y_Finlayson @ChristinaSNP Why would you take it if you don't need it? I suspect there may be some who could benefit from the scheme but don't want to be seen as 'in need'. Universality removes the notion that one must be very 'needy' to have one. The more who have one, the less the stigma or opposition.

RT @neilburgh: RT @neilburgh: I've totally lost track of which Tory sleaze scandal is currently supposed to be covering up for which other sleaze scandal.…

RT @neilburgh: @Y_Finlayson @ChristinaSNP I have no idea who has said no, or why they said it. I don't know, because I don't *care*. What I am interested in is the universality of access - free of means testing or *any* criteria. The scheme gives *all* babies a good start. That sounds remarkably balanced to me. :)

RT @neilburgh: @1314bruce @Fagashlil76 @Y_Finlayson @ChristinaSNP Equality and fairness should be the most basic of principles to pursue by *any* administration, and expected by *any* child. It should happen without children even being aware of it as an issue.

RT @Eileen43Eileen: My little girl gave birth this evening to her little girl, 9lb 5oz! It was a horrendous labour but thankfully both are fine. It’s me who’s been beside myself with worry but thank you to #SNHS for for delivering our beautiful little granddaughter 💙