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SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse. Scottish Government Minister for Older People & Equalities. Retweets are not endorsements.

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RT @DancingTheMind: RT @DancingTheMind: Steve Bannon liaising with: - Nigel Farage - Jacob Rees-Mogg - Boris Johnson - Michael Gove Anyone concerned?

RT @DancingTheMind: This govt has to go. Not only have they misled the public of this country, lied & broken electoral law with Brexit - now it transpires they misled the High Court over decisions to refuse unaccompanied child refugees the right to join their families in UK.…

RT @DancingTheMind: For anyone who doubts how realistic #IDanielBlake is, I urge a re-read of the 2018 UK poverty report by Prof Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights & poverty. It speaks volumes on the cruelty of this Conservative govt. @JamesCleverly you may want a refresher…

RT @DancingTheMind: Simultaneously so utterly sad & yet so beautiful- that the people of Paris have moved out into the streets to show their respect & love as they gently sing watching the Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames. 💔 #Paris #NotreDameFire

RT @lesmit: Lovely evening out canvassing with @julstachurska and @EK_SNP for @grantyferguson! Amazing responses on the doors - hearing more yes than ever!! #ActiveSNP #VoteSNP

RT @lesmit: Out canvassing in cold and rainy Wick this afternoon (not midnight despite what it looks like) with our two lovely Labradors Mullach and Cooper keeping us going! #activeSNP

RT @lesmit: RT @lesmit: Time to deploy the emergency election ducks in the Central Belt. We have those, right? ◽️◽️◽️

RT @lesmit: Just did a literature review for my MSc on this subject and the evidence is overwhelming so far, especially for young people in prison. They are literally a lifeline for some.

RT @lesmit: RT @lesmit: My sister in law has just been given the vaccine (or a placebo) as part of a trial. It's truly just around the corner.

RT @lesmit: RT @lesmit: @ChristinaSNP Quoting Lizzo is the best way to end 2020 ✨✨